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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Paint never dries

All right, so it may not have been the smartest idea ever to go through with the whole thing, but I technically didn't sit through it in its entirety because I made myself busy looking for things around the room.

SmTn mentioned Love Never Dies, a late sequel to The Phantom of the Opera and after quickly reading about it and the plot and the reviews... well, my hopes weren't very high. Nevertheless, I found videos on YouTube and it was too easy to just watch it, so I did. It would actually be more accurate to say I opened the videos and let them play, sometimes forgetting the playlist would jump to the previous video instead of the next one. I'm not really watching very closely and I stopped watching (though I'm still half-listening) to start writing this post. The post is, of course, a review. In case you couldn't tell...

Well, the video was recorded during a performance in Australia, where the show had at least a little success. I'll grant them a few things. Though I thought it would be hard to match Ramin Karimloo, I was not too disappointed with the new Phantom. The costumes, make up and choreography were nice. Everything else, I'm afraid, less than "not very good" was actually downright terrible. The acting was poor, the vocals for just about everyone but the Phantom were lacking, Madame Giry was just appallingly bad, and entirely in the realm of "it's not even their fault" the music wasn't very good and the script is quite honestly dreadful. So there's all that. 

Wait, let me elaborate on that last bit. I know it's not fair to start by saying that the script doesn't quite fit in with what happened in the original story by Gaston Leroux. Fine. I'll only hold the script responsible to keep up with what was hinted at in the musical. In the musical Raoul was a bit too vicomte-y, a bit of a rich fool who's too full of himself. In the musical there's a bit of sexual tension between Eric and Christine, which turned out to be an interesting twist. In the musical, Meg shows a bit of an unhealthy obsession with the Phantom. The sequel takes it too far. The sequel takes everything too far. Even if it sort of fits, it just doesn't sit well with me. A bastard child? A Gypsy turn of events? What was that about the Phantom giving up music for less than cheap vaudeville? What were Madame and Mademoiselle Giry's intentions when they decided to take the Phantom under their wing? How come a full ten years later he's still stuck with them? Christine was surprisingly in-character, for what I would have expected... and it just didn't work. Perhaps it would have been better if she'd been any different. As best I can describe it, the sequel echoed the musical like a bad game of Chinese whispers. It wasn't even so bad it's good, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show turned out to be. It was just bad. 

And that, as they say, is that.

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