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Monday, 18 February 2013

It's getting old

Gather round, ladies and gents! It's time for a rant. A rambling one too, I'm afraid. You've been warned.

Primo: what is wrong with the people writing for Glee? I read through the recaps, made a terrible decision to watch the latest episode hoping for some Klaine and got a heartbreaker Kurt. What gives?

Secundo: I cleaned the fridge on Friday night while aunt A was out. I tossed out moldy old food that had been in there too long, including a birthday cake a friend of aunt A's baked for her, which had some kind of frosting and some fruit on top. Problem? The fruit on top was nothing short of disgusting, the cake was still in one piece and not too well stored (being tossed into a fridge with no less than three green moldy items with no more protection than what some badly wrapped aluminum foil could provide). I tossed aunt A's birthday cake. So, she didn't see "I cleaned out the fridge" (a three hour task, no less) but "I threw out her birthday cake." And there's just no arguing with that, I suppose. 

Today she said I could either go with her to the mall or wait for BCM to give me a call, see if we could do something. But aunt A was going to the mall where I can use my birthday gift certificates and BCM wasn't. But aunt A said nothing of going to said stores, so she said I could go on my own and we'd meet again after a few hours. If I chose to go with aunt A we could get lunch. If I didn't she'd have to fix herself lunch. Now, I've failed to convey aunt A's unwillingness to have me anywhere near her. She painted all options as bad ones, like I'd either be abandoning her or weighing her down somehow. I opted for getting lunch with her. As it turned out, BCM didn't call until 4pm (or perhaps later) and I would have gone hungry and bored waiting for her to call like aunt A said she would. I got some new clothes and an excitingly bright orange-red lipstick. BCM texted me asking if I'd like to go out to a children's party place and, though I should study for tomorrow's test, I said yes because... well, just because, I suppose.

Aunt A is in something of a foul mood lately, and she directs that anger at me for whatever reasons. Let her have her reasons, I won't try to argue with them or find out what they are. What bothers me is that she plays the victim all the time, like I'm deliberately out to make her life miserable and that is just not so. I put the cat out even though it's cold outside (I was counting on aunt A letting her in again) and she came to my room asking if she should let her in again. Well of course. But the cat will pee and poop inside the house if she's not let out for a bit, won't she now? It's my fault for not letting her out if the cat makes a mess and it's my fault for letting her out if it's too cold by aunt A's standards for the cat to make it through the night. It's my "job" to let the cat out even when she's not in my room. Even though it had been aunt A's "job" all along before I got here but suddenly she can't do it because she's allergic to the cat and how-dare-I-suggest-that-she-do-it-good-gracious!. 

I'm sorry, this is not a very good post, but I've been coming back to it several times and can't bring myself to re-read it and make it make sense. I don't think it would make sense even then. 

Aunt A: Here is my opinion/information given me by some source or other (possibly very many years ago) and I present it to you as absolute truth and don't you dare have an opinion of your own to refute it.

Me: I have an opinion of my own.

*sour face*

It gets old, I tell you.

Oh, and, by the way, the song in my head is "Red and Black," as sung by Aaron Tveit and Eddie Redmayne.

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