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Thursday, 28 February 2013

I see you (seeing me)

So... if the opinion of a few people is to be believed I'm not completely unfortunate-looking. With that comes people needlessly looking at me more than I'd like (at all). Yes, I'm a bit paranoid about being looked at, leave alone stared at. Except for the times when I thought I might see LesMisGuy or D (or SmTn, the one time) I can quite safely state that when I dress up, when I wear make-up or in any other way try to look pretty I do it for myself (in spite  of the fact that it will get people to look at me, not for that purpose). Now, more than ever before (read: in school, university back home or even the community college I attended last semester) I've noticed men looking (and staring) at me quite a bit. Most notably, when it's a stranger next to me in class who keeps turning sideways to catch a glance. Now, what I cannot explain (and this is not the first time it happens so I'm hesitating to think it's all in my head) is SmTn's lookalike staring at me. He sits in the second row while I sit in the last. While I'm relatively safe glancing his way every once in a while and thinking of the made-up similarities between him and SmTn, he wouldn't know to look at me for any reason whatsoever, would he? And yet, for at least the second time I've noticed him looking at me as we walk out of class and I make my way to the bathroom. I've noticed because I make a deliberate effort not to look at him.

That being said, the instances where LesMisGuy's lookalike finds me glancing his way are completely to blame on me. 

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