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Thursday, 28 February 2013

I've just seen a face

I just woke up to a rather strange dream involving SmTn.

In my dream I'd been to his place. I'd met his girlfriend and found her to be a rather lovely person, so, after hanging out with her I thought I'd ask her out for coffee or a brownie or something (truth is, even in my dream I wasn't very sure, I only know I was waiting for her). How do I know I was waiting for her? Why, I stood by the front door of their apartment. Which is how I heard SmTn arrive (somehow) with a big bouquet of white cake frosting flowers (odd, yes, but also very pretty). By the entrance lay a sort of device not unlike the towers to display things in stores and on it were gifts. Birthday gifts for the girlfriend, I presume. One of them was a box wrapped with blue paper and a white sheet of paper that read "PACMAN." I digress. Not for the first time in my dreams, I overheard SmTn and his girlfriend having an argument. All while I was still waiting outside, wanting to see the girlfriend. 

When I heard SmTn about to leave the apartment I made a beeline for the lift. Even as I got on, he somehow saw me get on. I half-pretended to wait for him but the doors closed with only me inside. I pressed the button "1" (we were on a fourth floor, if it matters) and the elevator moved very strangely. It moved too fast, for one, but also seemed to move up and down with the numbers on the screen jumping between 1, 3 4 and 7 (though I'm quite sure there weren't that many buttons). The doors opened in an underground garage, where a family of father, grandfather and two children (boy and girl) got on. I awkwardly greeted them and helped them move a curtain-like cover for the lift's walls, which revealed one of the walls wasn't so much a wall as a path to another part of the building. When the elevator stopped next time I was on the real first floor and I had this feeling that SmTn wanted to catch up with me and I should meet him downstairs, so I thought of asking the doorman about him but he didn't speak English. I walked out the front door and looked around. On my left, down the stairs, in front of a shopping window (?) SmTn was talking to a random woman on the street, presumably asking for me. When we met we decided to go out for a walk, and there was a big parade in town. 

We avoided it and made for a sort of strip mall that had a bowling alley, a cinema and a drive thru restaurant. We walked around these and I somehow ended up holding SmTn's left arm, tight, with my arms. Until he said he was too warm and I let go, not having realised and suddenly feeling embarrassed. He at some point showed me (I know not how) a video he'd made long ago (he looked a lot younger) that was like a Harlem shake before the Harlem shake: he said he was copying some crazy guy on a parade, but it was basically him videotaping himself and going crazy on camera (Insane in the Membrane style, come to think of it). In the bowling alley I was reminded of a (made-up) scene of Kurt and Blaine in tuxedos, Blaine not realising he was being used (not so made up, I suppose). I think the last I remember is letting go of SmTn's arm now... I know there was more (why, I woke myself up from the dream only just 10min ago) but I can no longer remember what happened next.

You know... in retrospect... that bouquet of frosting flowers is quite literally the sweetest way to give anyone flowers. Nice touch, dream SmTn.
Now, when I just woke up, the song in my head was "It's not right, but it's OK" (glee version) 

and when I opened my computer to write the dream down before I forgot it, two YouTube windows were open. One had my hippie-ish playlist, which had crashed earlier yesterday and had not been re-loaded. The other was "Libertango" playing on a loop. 

Oddly enough, when I started typing I noticed the sound of music other than "Libertango," namely "I've just seen a face" by the Beatles. 

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