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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy birthday, Harry (Part 2)

Got a call from the old man and my uncle just as I was about to get into the shower. I ran out in a towel to get the call. After showering, mum and my sister called. When my mum closed the call singing a birthday song they used to sing back in her day for a television show I teared up. In the bus ride to university I teared up. At the tax filing session nothing seemed to be working for me and in a remarkably pitiful moment I pointed out it was my birthday. It had nothing to do with what was being said. A minuscule pity party I felt so guilty about I didn't mention it until just now. A left me a message. My dearest aunt MT left me a message too. The old man left an e-mail before calling. Uncle A and aunt A congratulated me this morning. My aunt LM left me a message and cousin S called earlier. I'm a little ashamed to admit that the heartiest greetings came from the advisors this morning and from Hotmail. 

I'm (more than) a little upset that I haven't heard from AOB or SmTn. Not from N1 either. I won't say I expect a message from EBF. All I know is that come tonight I will very much want to cry because I'm in a shitty mood I can't even blame on hormones. I suppose I can blame at least part of it on a terrible night's sleep because someone changed the thermostat settings making it too warm in the house for comfort and I didn't have my iPad around to change them back. It was almost 24ºC this morning when I woke up, as the clock in the bathroom kindly informed me. I tossed and turned and woke up at least an hour early, unable to shut my eyes for five minutes straight after that. I have dinner and, hopefully, a glass of Baileys. 


[12:25am edit]
Forgot I was supposed to talk to A on Skype when I was done talking to my parents and aunt MT. While all that happened I was still taking calls from family members. N1 congratulated me, and then the conversation turned to her asking about LesMisGuy and us both settling on being happy she's got a boyfriend. AOB wished me a happy singles awareness day and a happy birthday by the way. EBF was online on facebook, and active, and he didn't think to write. SmTn left me an e-mail and made my day, giving me the idea to watch Beauty and the Beast, which I had incidentally downloaded earlier today. So... to be fair, SmTn sort of made me forget to talk to A, but he also kept me from breaking down completely tonight (which I had foreseen earlier today). I'll call that a win. 

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