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Monday, 4 February 2013

Goodness it's late..

Here I thought I could wake up relatively early (8am-ish) so I could do some cleaning (namely, the fridge) and... well... I just woke up and it's 10:40am. I may or may not have just missed SmTn being online, as we agreed we'd try to meet today. Right now I just want to write down as much as I can remember from my dreams last night before I forget them.

The last I remember is LesMisGuy. We went out again, sort of on a date. There were other people I knew (though I suspect they were dream strangers). There was a Greek-seashore style restaurant where they served seafood. LesMisGuy was there with a group and I sort of had another group to go to. This was after the event of having kissed once and me not knowing what to do with that because I wasn't too sure of his signals. He could have left, but he had some woman friend of his to come pick him up and I overheard a call to her telling her  it was too early still to leave. He told her this as he listened to some girl rant about men and animal poop (can't remember if the two were related in her rant). Somehow, when he said this, I knew. I ditched whatever I was going to do with other people and went inside to see him. After curiously observing some of the leftover seafood I'm not now too sure what turn of events led to us kissing. Except, it wasn't quite him. First he was a cat, and then he was sort of turning into a dog/tapir.

Unrelated, perhaps, is another dream that included a trip on a boat with people from school1 and R1. I'd sort of convinced him to come with us but he backed out. After that, I mostly remember a grim day, not so clean a sea, and very tall waves to jump in (as opposed to drown in). This one had my mum involved some how. 

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