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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Gloom aside

Let's put aside those horrible dreams of death and move on to waking life, where I'm sitting on a bench listening to music and thinking of how I'm going to finish the homework assignments due in tomorrow if I can't quite bring myself to work on them now. For no particular reason whatsoever in case it gets colder when we go out for dinner to celebrate aunt A's birthday I decided to take a look at the weather forecast for tonight. It should be a cool 19ºC. Now, it's currently 24ºC and, with the level of cloudiness we have right now, it's juuust right. Not too warm, not quite cold, when you're wearing a t-shirt and jeans. This reminded me of something I talked about with SmTn (oh, and only just now as I typed his name "Waves" plays on my YouTube playlist...): we spoke of what our ideal temperatures are and he mentioned his being around 27-30ºC, making a guess at what mine would be: 24ºC. Now, at the time I told him I liked it a bit cooler, 21ºC or so, but I'm starting to think he juuust might know me better than I do myself. It makes me smile. :)

Unrelated, remind me of writing another post about squirrel logic. This time about real squirrels. I felt a bit like Snow White (or is it Aurora? or both?) with a squirrel trying to get close to me steal my food. I grant I did drop a raisin on purpose for it to eat, but I started entertaining the idea of what it would be like to extend squirrel logic a little. It requires a full post. Or perhaps it doesn't. Remind me to write it. Or don't.

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