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Saturday, 26 January 2013


It's one of those days again when thanks are in order. We were out last night to watch Wicked and it was wonderful (saying it was wicked would be cliché). I may have even gotten a bit teary-eyed when I was overcome with awe a few times. I'm afraid I can't make a fuller review because before going to the musical I had class and that brought up... well, why don't I just write it down for you?

It started last Friday, officially (and unofficially, since I didn't write about it) where I glimpsed at the possibility that the teaching assistant was a little cute. It happened again today, except there was more to it. You see there was a tiny problem where he forgot to put in my grade for the first homework assignment, so I let him know about it... and there was also the issue of "how late were we going to be" and how I was going to make that work with whatever plans aunt A had to go to the theatre. So I mentioned my grade was missing and asked how long the class would be because I had to be someplace (we'll call this place x) around 7pm. He asked if I didn't need to go to y and mentioned I had tickets to go watch Wicked because... why not? He said a friend of his had seen it on Thursday. Now, let me examine the following list of events: he mentioned living in y (which gave me a hunch: did he almost offer to give me a ride?), he cut the class a little short and told me to have fun when the class was over. 

As things like this usually go with me, you can guess I sat there thinking too much about it, wondering just how cute he really was and picturing what it might be like to be with him (no matter how hard I try the answer is: boring). I was tempted to ask CtThumbe if she found trouble with me developing this crush, however small, with a figure of authority. I couldn't because I had no WiFi reception where I stood waiting for cousin S. 

First thing I looked up in the computer when I got back was Billy Harrigan Tighe because I hadn't seen his face and was tempted by this masculin-er version of Eddie Redmayne. I remembered that I couldn't remember the assistant's face and figured I might cyber stalk him only a little. One of the first search results hit a foundation of some sort, another led to a news story about criminals. You know where this is going: there was a picture of him in the latter and I'll. be. damned. He had 11 charges against him for possession of and intent to sell a lot of different drugs. And here I thought the most prejudice I'd find against him lay in how much of an engineer he is (yes, I do have a prejudice against engineers, deal with it or teach them how to think independently).

Forget about that moment today in class... I'm staying away from him. Thank Google for Google.

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