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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The not-so-shiny thoughts

So, in Spanish there's this expression about how some things can shine when they're absent ("____ brilla por su ausencia")... I almost have evidently started a long explanation of something almost completely useless, considering I'm writing this post in English and the expression doesn't translate too well. 

If any thoughts at all were to be shiny, under the above explanation (or lack thereof), they would be thoughts of LesMisGuy (and maybe even SmTn). I have thought of LesMisGuy. I thought of him when I went to watch Les Misérables, no less, but I couldn't bring myself to write about it because... well, what would the point of that be? He had me at Victor Hugo and I get nothing at all from remembering it. I sometimes think his name out loud in my head and wonder what he's up to. I sometimes wonder if I couldn't perchance run into him in the future and concoct strange scenarios, all the stranger now on account of how faded all my memories are by now. I can't even remember what it was like to kiss him, or what he smelled like... 

I thought of him in my first days of class as I walked around campus. You see, people are found in higher densities around the shortest paths between buildings (particularly useful to your friendly neighbourhood lost girl too embarrassed to open a map) and it reminded me of LesMisGuy's analysis of ants. As he told me, ants leave behind a smell as they make their way to a food source so that, over time, as more ants go there, the smell builds up for the others to follow. As the smell builds up, it helps ants cut around the corners, making the path more effective the more ants go through it. *sigh*

Today, I found myself suddenly remembering that time when a lot of us were studying together and LesMisGuy acted a bit territorial (or so it felt to me). For no reason whatsoever, the thought just came to mind and it's been bothering me (also for no reason). I just don't know what to make of it, and I don't know why I'm even bringing it up. It just seemed odd enough. 

As for SmTn... I sent him an e-mail last night because it's been too long since we last talked and I don't think I've written him an e-mail for at least two weeks... I miss talking to him and hearing from him. I don't have a lot to say except that I found a lookalike of his in one of my classes. It's funny, because they actually look very similar... it's like a younger, somewhat shorter version of SmTn if he'd been born to look like a stereotypical surfer. The guy in class also looks calm and sweet. I wouldn't dare talk to him, and it would be silly to want to get to know him just because he looks like SmTn... but I can't help being curious. I can comfort myself in the thought that I know sort of know what SmTn would look like with longer hair. 

In case you were wondering, the song in my head is "Misty Mountains." 

I wish there were a longer version or I could come up with a nice melody to go with the rest. There's a church-chant quality to that song that soothes me... Plus, I love the deep voices speaking of deep dungeons, it's just such a good suit for a song of dwarves, you know.

Oh, and... shiny indeed? EBF. Didn't even respond my new year's greeting. Serves me right, I suppose.

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