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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Thanks, old man

After lunch today cousin S surprised me by recording me on video with a huge box in his hand. Turns out the old man went out and got me a new little computer for my birthday and I got my present a month early. There's much to be said of how considerate it was of him to get me a computer I didn't ask for, but having all the qualities I'd ask for (except the unattainable and impractical neanderthal ones, like running on Windows XP). All he needed to know is that my old little computer is old (though it still works and it's the one I'm typing on right now) and that the not-so-new computer cousin S gave me has a no-longer-functional battery. He asked about what I'd look for in a new laptop and found a nice match. It's in the title, but I have to say it again: thanks, old man. Thanks, mum and sis, for working so that money can stretch enough to break off in the form of a new computer for me. 

In other news, little too has arrived chez mes parents. Aunt MT and I were right: she's a sweet, contemplative love. If all goes well I might meet her around Christmas and I won't have to deal with the mixed feelings of betrayal and "puppy!" until then. 

Unrelated, Criminal Minds.

I'd given up on the show. I gave up because they were inconsistent about A. J. Cook, I gave up because they got rid of Paget Brewster, I gave up because the stories started sounding ever less smartly designed. It got a bit too Hollywood. I gave in to watching the show again in a moment of desperate procrastination where I just needed something to watch to numb myself and I was out of YouTube videos. I was disappointed by Prentiss' replacement. I let it go, because I understand she's not as bad a replacement as the blonde they got to replace JJ.  After Reid's mystery woman was introduced, I kept watching because I wanted the story to unravel and I wanted to see the happy ending. I need to say that failed spectacularly. After some internet digging, it appears the tragic finale was done on purpose. The writers wanted to piss me off, they wanted me to suffer. Mission accomplished. I'm not watching the show again. If Reid can't get a happy ending, ever, I refuse to watch him break down over the next few episodes. I don't care what comes of it. I respect Matthew Gray Gubler's belief that if Reid was going to have such a side story it had to end in tragedy, but I won't torture myself watching any more of the show now that things played out that way. 

Reid has nothing except brains going for him, and they make a point out of proving how it's not quite enough. When intelligence is all you have working for you and you're as likely as everyone else to be screwed over by the universe, too much has gone wrong. Tell me there's a nice way to look at that and not be depressed by the though of how little intelligence is valued. In the new world I'm in, German doesn't evoke a "Hey, look! almost all mathematicians know a little of it!". Speaking several languages, on par with not watching television, is right up there in the list of things you don't take seriously and make fun of. I. will. be. damned. I look to television as a fantasy I can escape to. if my favourite characters' plotlines don't work out. I can't watch if there's no happy ending.

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