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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Somewhat random assortment of a day

I thought I had little to write about, but thinks keep piling on.

First thought in my head when I woke up was the faint memory of a dream where I found a bug camera hidden in a lamp in my room that uncle A was using to spy on me. So there's that...

I had three classes today. During the first class I thought of SmTn. I had naughty thoughts, I must confess. I had this fantasy in my head of meeting him (preferably at another summer school), and having a "moment." The moment would lead to him asking for permission to do something silly, and we'd agree to a kiss, a single kiss. And we'd make it count with a long, sweet, unnaturally natural and comfortable, sweet and passionate kiss. There would even be a standing ovation... Oh well. Funnily enough, when the class was over I was still going over these thoughts when SmTn left me a message I failed to notice for another two hours. I'd forgotten I was logged in to Skype on a tablet and I regretted not being there for him until I was done with classes for the day... *sigh*

Second class of the day, I was still thinking about this fantasy kiss when a sudden flash memory assaulted me. I'm not 100% sure it was him, but I think it was LesMisGuy because I had the vague notion that we were re-doing everything from "that fateful night" again, "the right way." By now, the obvious question is "how did it go, the right way?" and the answer is: he touched me. 

As I waited for aunt A to pick me up from the bus stop, the song stuck in my head was "All I care about" from Chicago

It would seem insignificant, but I think it's a little poetic, in retrospect. When uncle A talked about... whatever during dinner, the song in my head was "Jolly Holiday" from Mary Poppins

There was a minor not-episode where aunt A called the hair salon to make an appointment... for herself, and she asked what time I had class that day to see  if she could make it. It really gets to me, you know, the empty promises... Mum said nothing about it when I mentioned aunt A would drop me off early to go  to the hairdresser's and there was no mention of an appointment for me... 

While we're here, let me mention that with some advice from mum I ordered aunt A a birthday present. I don't know if she'll use it (same is true of her Christmas present), but I know it's a good present, as it's something she's mentioned looking forward to having. Not exactly related is the fact that aunt A said uncle A wants me to tidy up my room a little. No comment on that, it is a mess and it is their place but there's a but.

On to me doing the laundry, which took most of today's afternoon and night combined. For the first time this year, and without any mention of a happy new year as you'd think might be appropriate since that's the last I wrote him... EBF talked to me. He had this pitch... So bloody thoughtful of him. He said "You know how you want to study maths and need money? I got a solution to all your problems!" You'd think he'd know better, because such a statement will make anyone sceptical but he went on. "Do you know about *another word for pyramid schemes*?" Oh, it was rich...  I was upset. On the one hand, I would sooner get my money via a sugar daddy, as it's that much easier to sell just the one thing (myself) to a single  person. As the instructor I'm none-too-fond-of pointed out, the university I'm now in is huge in sugar babies. Awesome. On the other... I'm less insulted by the instructor's suggestion than I am by EBF's: I could expect that sort of shit from the instructor, I would not have expected EBF to try to scam me. I was so mad at him for choosing me that I deliberately let him go ahead with it and waste his time selling his pitch even though I knew from the start it was a no-no for me.

He asked for my Skype username and called me so that he could talk me through a presentation about the company and used what I can only guess was a script made from his notes on the subject. It was frankly quite horrible. The whole thing is designed so you only get money if you get lots of other people beneath you to make money and you can only cash the money out if you follow a very strict set of rules and procedures which make things needlessly complicated. There's no such thing as easy money, and they said it themselves, but that's exactly what they're trying to sell and I can't help but see what EBF described as "See? They're never running out of business! It means you can keep cashing in on this and count on it two, maybe three years from now!" as "Oh, they're smart. They won't really give you as much money as you think you'll get. They have to make money somehow!"

While a call cut off and I went to fold the clothes I had in the dryer the song that came to mind was an ironic "Loving You" by Minnie Ripperton, which I haven't listened to in years

I came back and let him finish his pitch, answering with little more than "okay" to most everything he said. To make matters worse he tried to make small talk in the end. We never fucking talk. He was so drunk he didn't remember I wished him a merry Christmas, he didn't bother wishing me a happy new year, the only reason he talks to me is to scam me... and he wants to chit chat about my life? About AOB? About anything? I'm more than a little insulted by the fact that he failed to pick up on my defensiveness, my sarcasm, my silences and my quiet scoffs and I'm outraged if he went on in spite of them. It really is too much.

I am interrupting my post-post internet browsing to bring you a special rant announcement. Aunt A doesn't understand science. (Uncle A only pretends to, but we won't go there right now). She's cold, because it's cold outside. She reasons it's got something to do with the thermostat settings. Now, every so often uncle A will set it to only cool or only heat though it's much more reasonable to just leave the damned thing working a range: it won't get too cold or too hot that way. However, it will inevitably come to a point where no one thinks of turning the air conditioning on though it's uncomfortably warm in the house... instead, they set the heating temperature lower (which is, of course, useless). Same goes for cold. 

Now, I left it working on a range, a bit on the warmer side,  against my personal preferences. Uncle A set it down one degree Fahrenheit (which is: not an awful lot, but he also narrowed down the range). Fine. I could have pretended to be asleep, I was soon going to turn off the lights anyway... but aunt A knocks on the door and tells me she's cold. I adjust the thermostat by one degree (that's all it took for it to turn the heat on, the house temperature wasn't that low) and tell her I've fixed it. She asks why we don't leave one of the usual (not-really-functional) settings and I explain how the range setting works, and that there's always a variation in temperatures. It's not like leaving "heat: xº" will keep the house at exactly xº. I tell her my room doesn't feel exceedingly cold (though I keep the window open so it will be colder) and offer she might not want to sit in the living room. I elaborated explaining that the high ceiling means there's all the more space for the warm air to rise, leaving her in the cold. I insist the range isn't one you'd notice. A degree or two Fahrenheit don't make a huge difference. She does not understand science. Let me say that again: aunt A does not understand science. She left mad, saying she'll have to take it to uncle A, ask about the settings and why I'm making the house so that she is cold and miserable. 

*Nazgûl shriek*

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