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Monday, 7 January 2013

Restless and worried

All right, it's been a weekend and the morning has begun. I've still told no one other than AOB. No answer yet for the e-mail I sent on Friday. I worry that I haven't been able to picture the worst case scenario clearly enough. I have this strange tradition of thinking of how things work out and knowing that whatever I think isn't what's going to happen. I can't properly picture things not working out and it seems to predict they won't work out. I need them to work out! What a mess everything will be!

I had a dream about being in Spain, where a restaurant keeper served me and (AOB? or was it R1?). SmTn was in the dream and sneaked up behind me as I wrote on the book I intend to give him for Christmas. I was afraid he'd ruin the surprise. 

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