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Monday, 28 January 2013

Ms. Nobody

That's what it all adds up to.

I had this dream I was too lazy to record a couple of days ago. The only thing worth noting about it is that the old man's father was alive and his mother dead (I presume). We had not visited my grandfather in a very long time for reasons unknown to me. Aunt LM had been to his place, though, and set him up with salsa music because he was supposed to be very fond of it (nothing rings a bell about this). The whole interaction was limited to a phone call, but I somehow got a glimpse at what he looked like (that much older, that much sicker than I ever saw him). 

Last night my dreams featured LesMisGuy. There was a complicated plotline I no longer remember... something involving angels or other superior creatures, a bad guy and something about the end of the world (maybe not this last part). I remember a lot of the people from the maths department were there and we had to feed tributes into this snake-like thing. We fed it valuables and it pooped out something else (of less value) and we had to somehow satiate it. NtP fed it a gaming console, which was a huge sacrifice for him. It was my turn after him and the controller was left out so I knelt down, trying to show some sense of decorum, and attempted to put it in. I know it was a fake sense of decorum, the same respect I show in church for the sake of the others, not really being too sure that it's necessary to behave a certain way just because I'm in the house of a collective hallucination. 

My point is that LesMisGuy was there. And it was awkward. But I wanted to see him, even if it was incredibly hard to just be near him and want to run away. I almost drifted into a dream where we got a chance to be closer together, maybe dance (I know). 

There was a dream in there somewhere about my statics class and the instructor was collecting homework assignments. It took place in a classroom like the ones from school1. It was a pain. 

I couldn't sleep anymore because I had a now characteristic anxiety attack about everything and I just couldn't relax enough to shut eye for a little longer. I've avoided going to the kitchen until I was done writing this post and I suppose I'm now out of excuses... 

Remind me to say something about Swoozie and the not-really-epiphany I had about LesMisGuy. Or not.

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