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Monday, 21 January 2013

It's probably just me

Not at all fun fact about me: I hate screwing up. I get exceedingly upset when I fuck up. So-fucked-up-it's-comical fact about me: upon screwing up, I will more often than not proceed to worsen the fuck up while attempting to fix it. 


 - Stretch a violin/guitar string. Attempt to tighten the coil (impossible by hand) and stretch an even larger section, ruining even more of the string
 - Over time, open the wire clasp that held a notebook neatly together. Attempt to clasp it shut with a cuticle cutter, not solving the wire problem and instead ruining the cuticle cutter. Attempt to fix cuticle cutter by applying a steady "smoothing" force to undo the unseemly bend at the tip and instead make horrible dents on the desk.
 - Forget a not-completely-dry-of-acetone piece of cotton on a varnished wooden desk (see above). Pick up mess on desk to start working on homework assignment and find new damage on the desk in form of a hole in the varnish. Attempt to smooth it over with nail polish thinner but instead make the hole bigger. Dissolve the varnish around a larger area "to have more varnish to smooth over" effectively ruining an even larger area. Attempt to make the whole desk's surface uneven and fail miserably. Realise only too late that the initial fuck up could have been disguised with a Sharpie. Realise two hours (maybe more) into the whole process that I put off studying for two fucking hours (at least) by trying to study.

Yes, that's exactly like me. It was all I could do to finish 6/10 problems due in tomorrow before writing about the whole thing in the blog.

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