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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I might be sorry later on, but I'm not now

Aunt A and uncle A were away for the night. I spoke with my parents and aunt MT for about an hour, chatted with A for a little while (she wanted to check in on me on my first day of classes in a new university). I can say that around noon I checked online and it seemed my problem had been solved. Not officially, though, as I had yet to receive confirmation via e-mail. This arrived around 3pm, when I was already on my way to the office where I was able to clear up nothing, as they weren't taking walk-ins. I have to arrive early tomorrow. Nevertheless, the big problem is now solved. I told AOB about it. He made a remark about not mentioning it ever again. I quite agree.

While talking to my parents I mentioned running low on snacks to take to university and cereal. I don't know if cousin I overheard, I can only guess he could, but he offered to buy groceries when he went to the supermarket. He always offers and it's not the first time he goes to the supermarket and offers to buy things, but it's the first time I ask for something and the first time I sort of need something. I'll stand by it being a very nice gesture. I just heard him doing the dishes in the kitchen and was embarrassed to remember I forgot two dishes from dinner, a cutting board and two knives. I meant to go sort them out later, but forgot to. Part of the reason why is that cousin I asked if I'd like to watch a film with him. The film in question is Tokyo Story and I'm again very thankful to cousin I, because it's beautiful.

The film is far more eloquent than you'd expect for the relatively short time it lasts, without leaving things unspoken (which can be a bit annoying, I find). The acting was superb, the direction was very pleasant and the emotional parts were genuine (as opposed to the deliberate tearjerkers I've come to abhor in Hollywood films). I'd go on, but I really need to sleep and before that I need to double-check a few things lest my day have a less than pleasant start tomorrow morning. Off I go.

Thanks, cousin I. Thank you so much. 

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