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Sunday, 20 January 2013


I had a nightmare last night. Might be retaliation for saying I don't want to watch Criminal Minds, it was certainly a very twisted plot.

In my nightmare, there were two serial killers. One of them was learning from the other, learning to kill and enjoy it. The other, an older man, was "friends" with a bear/tiger (it was sometimes one, sometimes the other in my dream) and I have the sneaking suspicion that it was involved in the murders too. They had gotten together to kill a young woman. The apprentice did it, and in the process he killed and butchered the bear/tiger. He came out of the whole thing saying he'd enjoyed the second kill more than the first. It was very gruesome  and upsetting: the sort of dream that leaves me wondering which way of lying in bed makes me more or less vulnerable to a serial killer waiting to hurt me in the dark (the answer is: none). I woke up from this dream into another dream where I wrote about it (in fuller detail than I can manage now). After that I woke up and helped aunt A put away the Christmas tree. That was that.

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