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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Corpses and brides

I had a dream last night where two women were getting married and my newly pregnant cousin was in charge of the rings. She misplaced them for a bit but found them relatively quickly after fretting that one of the brides was there already. There weren't just rings: there were earrings too. I'm no longer sure if the jewellery or the diamonds alone were Russian, but this was somehow important enough to be pointed out in the dream. Mum got a kit to dye her hair as a present in another dream. In yet another dream I remember being in a car in Bta with an older woman that had a mother-in-law air about her (as in "she's not quite from my family, but might as well be") and others. On the street, to our left, lay a chow chow dog on the floor. The lady said he was resting, but I feared it could be dead and did not dare look.

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