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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A tall story

First of all, I have a bit of a confession to make. I have three homework assignments due in on Thursday and Friday and I have done nothing to even get started on them. 

Woke up extra-early so aunt A could give me a ride to university after her doctor's appointment. Nothing too horrible there, except for the tragic aftertaste of everything aunt A tells. "Did you know cousin S held the job of director? The job is cursed: one of the men who had the job went mad and another was killed for having an affair with some woman." *sigh* I may have been a bit too eager to get out of the car as soon as possible when she dropped me off.

Come the afternoon, I only just managed to get on the earlier bus leaving the university area. As usual, I called aunt A to let her know I was on my way. She didn't pick up. I left her a text message and figured she'd get back to me soon enough. I arrived and still hadn't heard from her so I called her again. She didn't pick up, again. So I left her another text message telling her I was walking and walked with my phone in my hand, in the off chance that she decided to try to reach me. I made it all the way to the house and was greeted with surprise. "You're here! And here I was waiting for you to call!" Mind you, once before she made a spectacle when I failed to call her when she thought I would and worried herself (and everyone she could) thinking I'd somehow gotten kidnapped/raped/stabbed/or-else. Had she been waiting for my call it might have crossed her mind to check her phone, at any point during the almost two hours it took me to go from getting on the bus to opening the door. 

She acted sorry and told me she just hadn't heard the phone, that perhaps LC4 was playing with it when I called and he didn't pass on the message (not possible, the timeline doesn't work). She came into my room telling me she'd checked to see if the phone was set to "silent" but it wasn't and offered that she maybe missed the call because she left her phone in the car when she was picking LC4 up from school (again, not possible because of the timeline). She came into my room again a while later to tell me she'd definitely left her phone silent and had just not noticed it the last time she checked. She then said it was on me for not calling everyone else I know to tell them to call her (which you might be thinking is a flawed argument). How do you suppose she got in touch with BCM to arrange for LC4's pick up? Am I to understand that, though it was certainly not silent when we were driving to the doctor's office and she may or may not have silenced it to go in, she managed to go for a whole day missing only my calls?

She went on to tell this story about leaving the phone set to vibrate to uncle A and then BCM (and possibly aunt MT) to "make it stick." Why, I do believe she believes it herself, to some extent. You can probably guess from my tone that I don't and that,  no matter how Zen I was about walking in uncomfortable shoes for 50min and having blisters in my feet, I'm taking the time to call it a tall story. Even if only a deaf and blind blog can know of it. 

The only thing I got out of the walk was the lipstick I wanted to wear last Friday and now have no real use for but wanted to have anyway. So I wasted a little money, to make things worse. 

The thing about aunt A is that she's a terrible liar. In that being a liar is terrible, but also in the fact that she's very bad at hiding the fact that she's lying. She's too insistent on making her version of the facts stick, her stories are not consistent, her behaviour does not quite add up with the stories she tells and she's too quick to offer alternate (and equally fanciful) explanations whenever her first choice is shown to be a stupid one. One example? Not driving to another city for a baby shower. She was invited, she knew about it a long time in advance. She knew BCM was going and didn't think to go with her. Instead she asked when this reunion was to take place and said it was on the same weekend as Wicked, so she couldn't make it (cousin S was there when she said this and called her out on it). I don't know what other bogus excuse she came up with later but she didn't go. I know you allegedly get worse at telling lies over time, but I'm not shaking off the feeling that aunt A was deliberately horrible to me today, even if I have no hard proof and only a string of inconsistencies to back up my claim. Call my paranoia a tall story if you like. I won't say anything of it.

The song playing in the back of my head is Michael Jackson's "Childhood."

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