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Friday, 14 December 2012

Young people

I was out with cousin Yep2 today. It was refreshing. Last night I spoke with BCN, which was nice until it wasn't. I mentioned how annoying I found uncle A's pushiness and he disagreed (which is the perfectly reasonable thing to do) but I instinctively retreated to my room and didn't come out again. There's something amiss in his relationship and I foresee a divorce in the not so distant future. There's also a very uneasy vibe about BCN that I won't dare name now because it's too harsh and I'd rather think it's all in my head.

Back to Yep2, sorry about the name, I had no way of knowing but it was exciting to find he's as happy about LGBT people, gender equality and otherwise "modern" thinking as I am. I was happy to hear about how he lived with two other couples, one of them a gay friend and his boyfriend. Like nothing. It was refreshing. When I mentioned wanting to go to a pride event he went on to say how cool he was with gay men. Where homophobes see men wanting to check them out, he sees men who won't try to hit on his girlfriend. And it's a beautiful thing. I won't go into detail because the conversation went to places I would not have imagined, but I was happy to have an honest, open conversation with someone trustworthy, smart and interesting. We were out all afternoon (from about 5pm to midnight) and I really enjoyed myself. Even if all we did was go out for a burger and then hang out while we drank coffee. Especially because all we did was go out for a burger and drink coffee.

I let BCN know I'd be going out, but I didn't think to tell him I'd be late (leave alone so late) because I didn't think I'd be that late, I didn't realise it was that late and by then I couldn't reasonably expect to call without waking him up. I'm a bit sorry about LC5 because she would have been so excited to see me when she got back from school and must have been very sad and disappointed not to find me here. I did, however, manage to pack the Christmas presents as I was asked and leave them hidden in the same bags they were in. 

I didn't get much else useful done today. I'm growing ever more terrified of shit I have to do by a certain looming deadline. You see, there's a medical test I need performed and I need proof of it. But I can't send it until Sunday (best case scenario) and I need it by Monday morning (for registration). As it stands, there are still a few seats left in the courses I want to register for, but it can't be said that they will still be available come Monday. It can't even be said that if I send the papers before Monday they will be seen before my registration time comes because it's fairly early (earlier than offices open, at any rate). No... wait... I might only just be right on time, if I get results on Sunday... Let us hope for the best. For now it is all I can do to be sorry I didn't try to reach BCN, nor answer his "have fun" when I told him I'd go out with Yep2, ask to be driven to take the test and be very tired indeed.

I... *sigh* still owe the blog a proper post about AOB. I don't suppose I'll catch up with myself any time soon. 

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