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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I almost forgot about it completely but still had the lingering feeling that there was something to remember when I woke up. I had a dream where ThPr guided me and other dream maths grad students to SmTn's homeland, with SmTn included in the group. I remember getting on a plane, and I remember a bus service in the airport. I had to stop to buy shoes and hurried to make the bus. I remember telling SmTn about it. We had been talking most of the way, until we reached the hotel where we were going to stay in and they started to show us to our rooms. Then, he disappeared. I supposed he needed rest and went home, not really needing a hotel, but then when the first lecture started, I didn't see him either. I supposed that somehow all of us but him had "gained" time and he needed to sleep to adjust his schedule. It makes no sense to me now. The lecture was a continuation of a lecture I'd been to before. It was by a professor who'd been working with applications to biology. I can't remember any of it, but it was actually very interesting. I remember they called the Indian boy we shared a house with in summer school to help. He forgot something and couldn't.

The others with us were quite young. Among them, a girl who asked to borrow a camera and computer I'd brought with me. I thought she'd use it to talk to her parents, but she used it to fool around.

The song I woke up to is "Wishing you were somehow here again" from The Phantom of the Opera.

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