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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wait, what?

Here I was, happily looking at serving sizes for lentils and facebook updates when I suddenly remembered a scene from my dreams last night. I sat on a bench next to AOB (at least, I'm 90% sure it was him) and rested my head on his shoulder, which I meant as a loving gesture. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and I kept my head to myself after that. It was... strange, rather, knowing we were together (though I suspect it was a new development) and yet not feeling very comfortable with expressions of affection.


Nothing to do with the dream, I want to go on writing. Let's start with my feet, which are killing me. You see, I walked 14.6km (as Google kindly converted for me) in about 4 hours. It was nice, except for the fact that I had less than comfortable-enough walking shoes and had time to develop blisters and pop them while walking. Said blisters, of course, are still painful today because that's how "your feet hating you" works. By now, you should be wondering why on Earth I went out on such a long walk. I can tell you that the extra-long distance is not due to the fact that I have a terrible sense of orientation and I somehow got lost. I drew a map in advance and it served me well. "A map?" you say? Where to? Well, I was looking through make-up online the night before last and decided that I had to have a particular eye-shadow, so I looked for the nearest store carrying it and it's 6.8km away. I decided that if Google maps said it only took 1.5h to get there, I might as well go. It didn't quite occur to me that it equalled 3+ hours of walking to go there and back. The thought that my shoes weren't comfortable enough for such endeavours. 

That's how you know I have a problem with make-up. 

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