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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

There is poetry in the sea

Before I completely forget about it, let me put down in writing that I had two dreams last night. One where several teachers and instructors, including my 11th grade maths teacher and last semester's chemistry instructor, were in some sort of reunion in a balcony. They were all wearing beige knit sweaters and most of them had glasses of wine/champagne in their hand. I distinctly remember the chemistry instructor giving me a hug, which was fairly sweet considering I don't really know him. The other dream involved a young man I was with. Except we were all a bit younger... and by "we all" I mean him, me and at least 3-4 others. We were by the sea and this Indian-looking young man ran to a small pier. The water level had risen so much it was a good 30cm or so below the surface. Nevertheless this young man liked to sit on the pier and the sea didn't deter him. He just walked right to the water and let the sea take him over. The sea swirled him around a bit, and I remember following him a bit afraid to get wet but ultimately giving in to both fear and the water. Somewhat hopelessly, key word "somewhat." It was strange. 

Reasons to write this post include AOB, EBF and a brief university update. Not exactly in that order, though... come to think of it... that's just about the order I'll end up using....

Tomorrow. Too sleepy. And procrastinate-y. 

[Morning after edit]
All right, then. AOB.

 [Nigth after edit]
AOB? Yes... AOB. Wonderful man. Wonderfully weird, almost impossibly considerate. I initially thought it would be awkward having him around for so long, to be with him for such extended periods of time. Turns out it was actually very refreshing. Not just because he's smart, and funny, and interesting to have conversations with. Not just because he's my age and we had things to do, not just because we share so many interests and we could go from film to conversation to random websites seamlessly in a random, yet somehow ordered, fashion. It's in the small things. It's in the silly things. It's in the fact that we sat to talk or watch a film and our stomachs grumbled and we were both comfortably embarrassed and embarrassingly comfortable about it.

Last night he said I was awesome. Well, not exactly. Actually, let me use his own words: I'm kinda twisted... in an AWESOME WAY! That's going in the "compliments I take seriously" folder, which you might already know is almost empty. It... almost felt as if he'd said something else. All I can say is that I am very happy to know him and very proud to call him a friend.

While we're on the subject of friends... it's EBF's birthday today. I'd come up with a congratulations message a few days ago and I was afraid I'd forget it. Indeed, I did. All I know is that it involved a mixture of "Merry Christmas" and "Happy birthday" mixed together in what others might read as drunken nonsense. I settled on "Merry birthday and a happy anti-Jesus day to you, sir." It will sound silly (because it is silly) but I always try to come up with an original way to congratulate him. I want to somehow celebrate knowing him, being his friend, and it becomes increasingly hard as time goes by. He thanked me and we talked a tiny bit before he said he had to go to sleep. I don't suppose we'll talk again until Christmas, or New Year's... if that. 

I almost don't want to mention the fact that he seems to have become painfully normal. 


So much for that. The last bit of news is that I have finally completed my schedule for next semester and I have SmTn to thank for perspective because even though I didn't write about it, I was fretting. And having it all worked out makes everything seem like less of a big deal. I still need a job, and I still need to contact ThPr about another recommendation letter, and I need to translate my curriculum vitae and I need to write a statement of purpose and I need to finish sorting out my health insurance plan for next semester. But in the just gone present, making my schedule was due and it turned out all right in the end.

I'm not even embarrassed to admit I indulged in looking at make-up I'd like to buy (but won't because I don't have that kind of money).  I have done fuck all today and I'm tired. I could try to arrange plans to meet N1 or something... but it's all I can do to plan printing out a map so I can walk to the nearest grocery store to buy whatever I need to cook dinner for BCN and family. They're running quite low on groceries now. I can't even think of a proper menu. What a horrible state of inability to do anything.

I'm blanking out. I'm off to watch YouTube videos. Sorry I couldn't do AOB justice.

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