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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

One for the dream bank

So... a few things. I couldn't quite go to sleep without writing down a dream I had last night, or the night before that (I'm no longer sure) where I was at sea. There was a lake, or an enclosed sea, with an outlet to a bigger sea that housed lots of big fish. Now, I looked online and there's nothing of the sort to be found. Big fish invariably turn rounder and longer, while the ones in my dream were quite flat and not so long, relatively speaking. The fish in my dream were at least 3m long, at least 1.5m wide, and about 30-40cm thick. While I seem to remember them having eyes on different sides of their face, eyes as big as dinner plates, I remember seeing them from above and it looked as if they swum flat (like a flounder). It could be that all I could see was their shadows... For what it's worth, these fish were dark grey and had a somewhat prehistoric feel to them. As does everything hidden from modern science for a very long time. The peculiar thing about these fish is a particular fish who periodically (every night, perhaps?) left their home and swam out into the bigger sea.

I don't know why. I don't know where it went nor why it returned. I don't suppose there are good reasons: it was a fish. 

I remember being in the water, at night (though it wasn't impossibly dark out) and being able to make out the shadow of the wandering fish near me. It scared me, the way most sea creatures do, the way big sea creatures would, the way big animals in general did. 

I wanted to commit this dream to the blog because it's pretty, in a way. I'm sure it must be somehow influenced by Life of Pi. At any rate, it's the sort of dream I'd tell SmTn about if I'd had the chance to but I haven't heard from him in quite a while now. I wonder what he's up to... 

In other news, AOB is arriving tomorrow night. The thought makes me more angsty than happy, but it is what it is. Uncle A asked about it the other day and I couldn't help but realise, only too late, that while I asked for aunt A's permission even as AOB told me he was coming I completely forgot to even mention it to uncle A. Not that I had a lot of chances to, I do try to be by myself a lot lately. But goodness... it's his house, too, you know. What a fuck-up... 

For the most part, I've spent the last few days getting Christmas presents ready. I've still to get aunt A's present. If BCM can't help me go buy the things I need and I can't go with AOB I might have to wait until I'm at BCN's to try it and I will most likely end up spending more money than I want to (aunt B said she'd borrow the tools from aunt A but hasn't). I'm in no small amount of trouble getting BCM's, her husband's and uncle C's shirts done. Turns out getting LC4 to draw on more than one shirt at a time is a tall order. He upset me today. He couldn't focus on anything. I let him play a bit. I asked him to please continue helping me. He wouldn't. He needed to rest playing. I said no. I'm getting quite annoyed by his obsession with electronic games. He doesn't ask, he takes without asking and when he's feeling politer he demands: "I want _____ !" His way of escaping me asking him to help me paint was telling me he wanted chips. When I said no he looked like he might throw a tantrum. He finally settled for watching the telly, which poses no problem even for extended periods of time. 

Is it really asking too much? Is drawing such a horrible alternative to the telly? He's not like this. It's usually much easier to coax him away from bright screens. I have only tomorrow, if that, to finish the shirts. If I can't make that deadline I'm screwed because I don't know if I can ask LC4 to help me with AOB here. 

I don't actually know what I'll do when AOB gets here... We can go to the amusement park one day... and to the museums and to walk around another day... and if it's not too much to ask, to a certain museum on another day. That doesn't really cover the other two days he'll be here. I also need to make cookies, and pack them, and I don't even have the ingredients. I'll have to ask AOB to go grocery shopping with me... perhaps we could just walk to the nearest main streets and get lunch, followed by grocery shopping and an afternoon baking, if he doesn't mind terribly. 

Before he gets here I'm hoping I can give the dog a bath, clean the garage (aunt A missed the spot where the cat pooped out of the box and it now smells), clean the microwave oven... again... I've yet to finish sorting out what's in the other room, not to mention the mess that is my room at the moment. I fortunately don't have to worry about making his bed. If I can manage, I'll try to give the house a quick mop with the mop I managed to clean on Friday. 

In the I'm quite proud of myself news, I scored 100/100 in the biology final exam. I'm afraid it was partly luck, but it still feels good. In the I really don't deserve to be proud of myself news, there's a lot I haven't done: I haven't told  uncle A I'm leaving as soon as AOB leaves; I haven't called my aunt L, who I'm visiting, to ask if I can stay with her (even though I absolutely totally told her I'd just stay with N1 so I don't get in the way for her... which was wrong for reasons that became obvious almost as soon as I said it and even more so when mum pointed it out); I haven't sorted out my CV; I haven't contacted ThPr (nor the lady who should've gotten his first letter); I haven't made 100% sure I'm all set for next semester (this actually scares me: I'd hate to find out there's something very wrong somewhere that went unnoticed and it's now obviously too late for anything). 

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