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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

On Christmas and children

Merry Christmas, blog.

I'm sure I had more to write about at 1am but I certainly didn't have the will to stay up even longer, leave alone think coherently and type. I woke up at 7:30am yesterday, mind you. 

I don't have a mind for celebrating Christmas with a family that is not my own. I'm far too awkward for small talk and I can recognise polite attempts at friendly conversation unable to say anything of interest. I particularly dislike the fact that round these parts a reunion is an invitation to discussion, often of unpleasant things. Why, during dinner there was a morbid discussion of all foods unpleasant, and soon after that (or a little before) they'd been stuck discussing politics. On Christmas! The nerve! I also took offence at the mention of "a long beard and earrings" as the definition of a gay man's look. I think I saw cousin I disagree too with the corner of my eye and mentally high-fived him. 

When we made our way to the next Christmas celebration at BCM's I was relieved by the sight of children. LC4 and LC6 were there. LC6 followed me around, LC4 wanted to tell me all about some thing or other and it was refreshing. Even though I don't like children. In a way, LC4 and LC6 are an exception. LC5 is a nightmare. Where LC4 is sweet, LC5 is scheme-y. I know there's an age difference, but LC4 doesn't use tantrums nearly as much, and they're not a way to manipulate his parents. Rather, they're just an outlet for whatever feelings he's built up. LC5 is insufferable. Nevertheless, LC5 has two lovely friends. They're brother and sister, twins, and they're very sweet children. They both took easily to me and started talking to me, telling me things and were eager to play. What I'll bring out of this is the following: Sunday afternoon they visited at BCN's and they played. Since there were two girls and only one boy and they were at a girl's house (and not just any girl's house, a fucking princess' house), at least the girls were bound to end up playing with the plastic necklaces and fake nail polish. The lovely thing is that the boy played with them too. I don't think it has anything to do with him secretly being gay, transexual or anything of the sort. Rather, the girls were playing and he wanted to play along. He saw no harm in wearing a necklace or helping paint the girls' nails. I celebrate this mentality. Go back to the last paragraph about beards and you'll  know how badly I wanted to high-five this kid.

Bottom line? I don't like children. But I certainly prefer nice children to many adults. Kind of like I prefer animals to people. Now that I'm back at aunt A's, it really is comfortable to have the cat and the dog around. It's exciting to see they're happy enough around me too.

Less on Christmas, more on children, I suppose. I told you I would have had more to write about had I stayed up at 1am.

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