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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Oh, Cyrano!

No matter how I go about it, Cyrano de Bergerac can always make me cry. 

All day today, all I accomplished was selecting gifts and starting to paint cousin S's shirt. It turned out to be quite a bit harder than I expected, but I am satisfied with the results so far. Oh, wait! I also managed to paint my nails again. No small feat when you can only use one and a half opposable thumbs. 

At any rate, after fetching myself dinner and doing at least some of the dishes I decided to watch films. I started off with The Phantom of the Opera because I couldn't resist it (I don't suppose I ever could) and still didn't feel sleepy, so I watched Cyrano.

I naïvely thought I was approaching the film from a completely different angle. The first clue evidencing the contrary lies in the fact that I couldn't stop thinking of LesMisGuy. Granted, I think I didn't associate the film to LesMisGuy until he mentioned having learned some of the lines, and that's not what made me cry in the end. In the end, I cry because Cyrano dies just like I cry at the end of Big Fish. Every time. 

The thoughts that distracted me mostly belong in the realm of hopeless romance no doubt fuelled by Cyrano's. I couldn't help but notice, for the first (useless) time, that I said I'd like to meet Shakespeare and LesMisGuy swooned me talking about literature. I'd had time to wonder earlier this week: what if he just really liked me but was afraid of getting hurt? I tossed the idea out, deeming it too stupid to be considered seriously. But then... as I watched the film I wondered if LesMisGuy wasn't, perhaps, an elaborate concoction of characters, including Cyrano's. I must confess this idea made a lot more sense before I busied myself crying. The idea goes that he's insecure and would therefore deny himself a love life. I may be projecting.

It will continue to be a shame... I'd grown to like him so...

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