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Saturday, 1 December 2012


Woke up quite late today (10:30-ish). Ventured into the kitchen to fix myself breakfast. The internet said oats and fresh fruit are good to help cuts heal faster, so I had oatmeal, an apple and a few vitamin gummy bears for good measure. Didn't see aunt A. I retreated to my room to eat and came back out to wash the dishes. Still no sign of aunt A. I showered, dressed myself and changed the band-aids on my fingers. Still no sign of her. By the time I was almost done getting ready (noon) uncle A and a friend arrived. I greeted them and washed a dirty plate I'd forgotten about last night. I went back to continue getting ready. I heard everyone, including aunt A, talk about some fairly big reunion. Aunt A said a friend of hers was late. They mentioned going out to pick up BCM, LC4, uncle C and aunt B as well as some friends of aunt A and uncle A. I was ready, so I sat in the living room in case anyone said "O.K. Let's go." but no one did. Aunt A left to go pick people up and said goodbye to me. Uncle A's friend left too. I retreated to my room. I heard uncle A setting himself up for lunch (as he does on weekdays). A friend of aunt A's called. I tried asking uncle A if he knew the caller ID, but got no answer. I picked up anyway. I took a message. I'm starting to think uncle A left too. 

No one's talked to me, except uncle A asking about a machine you can put hot water and your feet into and aunt A to say goodbye. No one's said anything about plans for lunch, though we usually go out for lunch on weekends. Normally, aunt A would have come into my room to let me know the plans for the day so I could get ready. Nothing of the sort has happened. Can't help but feel that this is all rather rude on everyone's part. I thought I had another word for it but I forgot what it was before I wrote that last sentence down. 

My thumb appears to be healing well, thanks in great part to mum's tea tree oil. I poured some hydrogen peroxide on the cuts before re-applying the oil. The cut on my middle finger closed up very nicely. The deep cut on my thumb did too. The slanted cuts didn't close as neatly, but they're getting there. None of them looks infected. The hydrogen peroxide bubbled quite a bit, but the wounds weren't visibly inflamed or red. They were just a little tender, which is to be expected, I suppose. 

The cat is keeping me company. 

I'm hungry, but I'm in no mood to eat. 

I'll just go back to the internets now.

You know, I followed an impulse and opened Skype, because maybe talking to the old folks would help matters some... but then I realised: What an I going to tell them? Am I really in the mood to talk to them, tell them about the cuts and, more importantly, tell them all about how everyone's out for lunch but they left me behind? There is no explanation. It could be just hormones messing with me a little, but I want to cry and I keep holding myself back because to let on that I cried whenever they got back would somehow be humiliating. Fuck.

[1:50pm edit]
I'm feeling cold, so I decided to make myself some tea. As I walked to the kitchen I noticed uncle A, who had been outside all along. He told me cousin S is inviting LC4 and ne to go ice skating tomorrow, Not a word about today. Not even the polite "Have you had something to eat?" This is all so... uncomfortable.

[4:10pm edit]
Mystery solved. There was a baby shower I'd just up until now completely forgotten about. Still... you'd think they might have mentioned where they were going... it would have only been nice to have them offer "How about you have _____ for lunch?"

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