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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Nested dream: LesMisGuy

I'm forgetting very quickly already.

I remember I was writing about a dream involving LesMisGuy on a piece of scrap paper while talking to LesMisGuy. In the dream I was writing about I still hadn't finished my maths degree and I was deciding on what to do for my last semester. This somehow involved a choice between going to Russia or Cuba to some kind of conference. LesMisGuy advised me about it and somehow chose to do whatever I was doing so we'd be together. We went to Cuba and I remember people from summer school being there. I remember a flood. I remember agreeing to meet people somewhere for dinner. In the dream where I wrote about it in tiiiiny handwriting on a piece of paper while talking to LesMisGuy I alternated between a paused and rather awkward conversation and writing. At one point, while I wrote and we were in one of those awkward silences, LesMisGuy just blurted out "I fancied you. What happened?" I somehow had time to tell EBF about it, and he was waiting for us at a coffee shop where he was buying something to drink. I met EBF there, while he was ordering, and had LesMisGuy come too. We all ordered something to drink and eat. LesMisGuy was visibly uncomfortable. I was excited. 

In an unrelated dream I can't remember properly from the night before last SmTn and I were a couple. It was a strange sensation, knowing we were together and had been for a while and yet not quite believing it. Strangest of all (and related to the synesthesia AOB's little brother associated to my obsession with smells) I could not remember SmTn's smell (which I'm not even sure I know) and it bothered me.

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