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Saturday, 1 December 2012

I am my mother, apparently

My accident happened the way I imagine most accidents do: you're doing something seemingly reasonable and suddenly an obvious but up-until-the-very-last-moment-unforeseen risk takes over.

While aunt A was away today I did the laundry, cleaned the fridge and set out to make the other room guest-ready. I noticed a piece of glass that perfectly matched the missing piece in the ceiling fan light and decided to put it on. How hard could it be, after all? All I had to do was hold the piece in place ant tighten the screws around it. Well, quite hard indeed, because I broke the piece and managed to cut all around my left thumb in three different places. There's also a smaller cut on my left middle finger, but it's my thumb that got me worried. I's cut in three places around the base of my thumb and it took a long time to get it to stop bleeding. Two of the cuts are slanted but fairly shallow. The third is a bit deeper and positioned just so that I can't bend my thumb without it gaping open. I hit myself twice, on the wounds, just to make matters a bit worse.

I looked for advice online. Everything seems to indicate that the worst that can happen is scarring (hardly noticeable in that spot unless it's particularly bad) and an infection. It's the latter I worry about. Though I rinsed the cuts with water, I didn't think to use sop or wash out debris that could have gotten stuck inside. The internet tells me that jagged cuts are particularly prone to infections, because the dead tissue that doesn't line up neatly could rot and get trapped inside. I looked at my health insurance information and looked up the nearest hospital that could stitch me up. I considered telling aunt A, but she had a gettogether to host. I thought of telling BCM, uncle C and aunt B but instead I just told them it wasn't so bad. Aunt A still knows nothing. the band aids on my thumb are far from being unnoticeable. I'm hoping that come tomorrow I can leave out the band aid on my middle finger and somehow hide the ones on my thumb. This would all be a lot easier if I had an excuse to wear gloves... 

For now, it's lucky I managed to finish the laundry, vacuum the other room, pick up the glass shards, fold my clothes, make my bed, make AOB's bed and shower without bleeding profusely...


A true let down is that I now am one Christmas present short. I'd left the shirts that I intend to paint with the dirty laundry, by the bin, in my room. Because apparently the paint won't stick or something unless you do. Wel, quelle surprise when I counted them and found one less than I'd bought. It occurred to me it must have fallen in the bin and gotten picked carelessly by the woman who came to (not) clean and I now resent her a little. How could she not notice that a whole bloody new shirt was in there?! To make matters worse, the garbage truck came by today and the loss is permanent. That leaves me one present short... I've decided, unless I find something better for someone else, that it will be cousin I's. I didn't know what to paint on his shirt in the first place... It still upsets me. I'm on a broken budget, you know...

Oh, and by the way? Uncle C told me aunt A found the missing slipper in the washing machine (could have just as well been the dryer). Told ya.

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