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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Film reviews and thanks

I've only just remembered I'd forgotten to make a review of Gypsy, starring Bette Midler and my newfound girl crush, Cynthia Gibb. I already knew the plot, and it sounded dreadful. I still had to watch it when the chance presented itself... I had already been let down by the television series of Les Misérables starring Gérard Depardieu and John Malkovich: I could not watch so much as 10min of it because the direction (at least, that's what I'm blaming it on) was just awful. At any rate... a great performance is a great performance, a great actress is a great actress and I'm now starting to understand why Bette Midler is looked up to. I'm sorry to find nothing much became of Cynthia Gibb, though, in retrospect, it's just what you'd expect from the girl who played a Louise. The last thing I'll say about the film is that "Little Lamb" made me cry.

An astute reader will notice I spoke of reviews, plural. The second film is one I watched today, one I'd been looking forward to: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It was everything I could have hoped for, though I'm now a little sad I haven't re-read the book lately because I seem to have forgotten a lot of things. I, er... couldn't help but remember that LesMisGuy was re-reading it... way back when... But that's a topic for another post. I also stumbled upon the thought of where I'll be when the last film in the trilogy comes around: finishing the degree. Uncle A mentioned the PhD he wants me to have today when we went over pictures of cousin S's graduation ceremony (and, might I add, hideous robe). *sigh*

Rather than push the subject of uncle A's expectations, or the calls I have to make to finish settling everything I need for next semester, let me point out that cousin S went with me to watch the film. He knew I'd been looking forward to it for a long time and asked me if I'd like to go, even though that meant watching the film a second time for him. It was the second best Christmast gift of all. The best gift is his too, as he bought me a gift certificate to buy show tickets with. Shows? What shows? Wicked coming next January is in the list of shows I'm looking forward to. I mentioned how Mary Poppins is coming and he asked a bit disappointed if I wanted to go. When he brought up the subject again I mentioned (with gross exaggerations) how expensive the tickets were and how I'm sure there were not a lot of tickets left (there aren't). The exchange made me sad. 

At any rate... thanks, cousin S. Thanks for the only a present not in my Christmas list, a thoughtful one I'm sure I'll enjoy. 

For the other gifts, thanks everyone. Thanks, BCN, for giving me solitude, independence and rest. Thanks, BCM and family, for nice clothes that look my size. Thanks, cousin I, for chipping with one item on my Christmas list. Thanks, cousin S, for buying most of the other items. Thanks, aunt A and uncle A, for everything else. Thanks, Yep2, for going out with me. Thanks, aunt LM, for the first homely breakfast I've had in months. Thanks, AOB, for coming to see me. Thanks, SmTn, for being lovely. Thanks, old man and mother, for sending a little printable independence (read: money) my way. 

Sweet little one, it's almost that day of the year again. I miss you so much.

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