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Sunday, 25 November 2012

What a strange series of dreams...

I had these odd dreams last night where I  was pursued by two men. One of them reminded me of M1, from kindergarten. I don't know if it was supposed to be him. Another was a lot like Santa, except now I can't remember if he was after me quite as clearly as I remember the guy like M1. I didn't like either of the two. I wasn't interested. I particularly remember M1. N1 had set me up with him, sort of, and he'd gotten his hopes up. He talked to me a lot and thought he was being very discreet when he asked me to define friendships with men. I remember being quiet during this conversation, wanting him to shut up, feeling cornered. I remember thinking "Oh, that's just great. He's one of the blokes who thinks women belong to them, that they deserve women, that women can't ever be platonic friends with men." It felt like that. Because we'd been talking he thought I was interested and genuinely thought he deserved to be with me. I was just very uncomfortable.

In another dream, there was a very big production of a play wher BCM and her parents and LC1 and others were putting together their Christmas tree(s) (there might have been more than one, one for each group of pepole, and they had agreed to meet on the stage at a certain time). This is where the Santa Claus guy comes in. He was quiet, gentle and kind. Someone was trying to talk him into understanding he wasn't all that bad and that surely women would find him attractive.

In another dream Stacy and Clinton from What not to wear kept following someone around, hiding in odd places, bickering among themselves.

In another dream, I was in the islands, in the bigger house my cousins' grandfather used to own, looking out at the sea. I can no longer remember much of this dream.

In another dream there was a fairly big reunion. I was escaping from some bloke or other (again, intrested in me) and I remember these tiny little red candles that floated. There was a very simple minded young man who'd slept with a school teacher and she'd thought it was just a fling but wanted more. He'd always thought it was more. Someone was trying to convince the teacher to give him a chance. Elsewhere in this dream there was something about a woman sleeping iwth a porn star and both of them getting together to cook.

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