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Sunday, 4 November 2012

The strange thing is that it shouldn't be quite so strange at all

Some dream to have, the one I had last night. I had a dream where I was out with aunt A and if not with her we'll just say I was out with relatives. While out, I "met" two guys/young men. Both quite handsome, in their own way. One of them was tall, quite strongly built, dark hair.. not unlike a younger, slightly smaller and dark haired version of SmTn, the other was a bit more on the thin and pale side, with light-ish brown hair and a shyer demeanour. We can pretend they were busboys/waiters at a restaurant or people waiting  in line behind me somewhere. For whatever reason, I got to talk to them (one at a time, of course) very briefly and for whatever reason there was some fairly heavy flirting going both ways. 

I didn't even know I could be that flirty... it came so naturally to me in the dreams. I'll admit that, whoever was first (I no longer remember) made it easier for me to be flirty with the second guy. What happened is that they both asked me out, even though I didn't know the name of either. They both asked me out on the same weekend. One of them wanted to go to the cinema with me, the other I can't remember. I have a strange notion of having gone out with the dark-haired one, who teased me about the phone I'm using here. I can only guess it went quite well, because I half-remember kissing him (if only a quick goodbye peck on the lips). 

I also remember myself on the phone with the other guy, who incidentally spoke Spanish (and really, Spanglish), trying to avoid him so I wouldn't be going out with both of them on the same weekend. I tried to put off the date to one of the weekdays, somehow afraid that if I went out with both on the same weekend they'd catch on to my two-timing ways and going out on a week day made it all different. I told myself I was technically doing nothing wrong because from what I've read it's "the American way" of dating to go out non-exclusively and settle only after you've had "the talk." But I remembered some possibly bogus episode of Friends where Phoebe  couldn't handle going out with two men at once (not bogus, come to think of it) and felt guilty all over again. At any rate, this second young man on the phone spoke as if we had already been out on a date and mentioned he'd liked kissing me, as my kiss had tasted like Starburst candy.

The last thing I remember from this dream is being on a computer, trying to catch up with A (why A?) quite late after the fact, while avoiding my sister snooping and finding out all about it. 

A weird thing about my dream is that I gave no thought at all to the men I can't get out of my head these days. Rather, I was torn between the new ones and trying to decide how on Earth I was to know if I liked them when I'd agreed to go out with them based on nothing but them being quite nice and easy going and handsome. I know I felt a little overwhelmed by the one who spoke so sweetly of a kiss I don't (and I think I didn't) remember.

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