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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Order of the day: ignorance

I have done fuck all. All weekend. Fuck all. It's going to bite me isn't it?

Oh, I hear aunt A going on and on about aunt MT and it's exasperating. She's criticising her for not taking good care of her skin. Really, aunt MT? You can't bloody eat healthy and when aunt MT can't make time or put away money to get facials every month to get rid of a few wrinkles that's something to whine about? Must you lie about aunt MT not taking off her make-up at night? Must you exaggerate to somehow prove some point about how you know it all about skincare even though a big reason your skin looks so good at your age is that you got bloody work done on it?

Today we had thai for lunch. Aunt A asked what I was in the mood for, so I said oriental (knowing it's one place uncle A doesn't frequent and because I just miss oriental food in general). She offered a thai place she knew. She elaborated mentioning other places and why she doesn't like them, so I told her we should just go to the one she mentioned first. We went. There was a very cool gypsy-style Cirque-du-Soleil-would-play-it-during-performances sort of music playing and I remarked on it. 

Aunt A used that as a cue to bring up some Indian singer she's heard being played when she's getting acupuncture and facials, except she brings it up by saying that some oriental music is good and some is just horrible. She doesn't stop there, implying that the music she doesn't like must be strictly the music of the poor low classes. There is so much wrong with this statement. I was stuck for a while thinking how racist it sounded and rounded it all up to simple old ignorance.

Aunt A took her chance to speak of Indian weddings and customs, as told from what she "knows" after having talked to one Indian woman she used to work with. Now, i'm not one to go about saying her friend lied to her. I won't point out how much things must have changed since her friend told her about her marriage and the present day (at lest two decades away). I will, however, point out that she shouldn't make sweeping generalisations of things she doesn't actually know about. 

I just liked the music and wished I knew who was singing it.

Because one must be fair, I'll mention she asked if I wouldn't like to go back. It sort of put me between a wall and a sharp object because there was no "right" answer and all I could say was "it's different here, I'll get used to it" Nevertheless, I understand she asked the question out of concern and good will so it's only fair to point out she's trying to be nice. 

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