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Saturday, 10 November 2012

On me, madam?

Today's post was intended to be just a review of the latest Bond film.

I will interrupt myself for a moment to mention one thing. CtThumbe took the GRE today. She logged on to facebook and started talking to me. The first thing she said was "guess who I saw today when I was taking the GRE" and the first person who popped into my mind was LesMisGuy, but I said nothing of that and instead asked "NtP?"... to be answered with a "No. LesMisGuy." My heart is thumping and it shouldn't be. It shouldn't be. It shouldn't be. It is not fair that I melt in my chair just at the mention of CtThumbe seeing him.

Back to where we were. When we went grocery shopping, I picked up some bread. As I put away the groceries and made for to put the bread in the fridge aunt A stopped me saying it was a shame because the bread was so fresh. I left it outside. It has been sitting outside, which would have been closer to "fine" if uncle A hadn't changed the central air conditioning for heating. It was moldy today and aunt A asked me why I hadn't put it in the fridge. Well, goodness, because she told me not to. Why hasn't she put it in the fridge?


On to the review. It's been a filmy kind of weekend. I started yesterday with The Nightmare before Christmas and Horton Hears a Who. I continued today with Brave (this time in English, mostly because I wanted to hear the accents, which suddenly sound a bit... ignorant, really). So, I've been in a childish kind of mood, I suppose. It was all good fun. I appreciated a whole new level of detail in The Nightmare before Christmas. It simply wasn't available in lower quality film and television, and I never saw it on screen. You will understand, then, that switching over to an action film was quite a big change.

Even bigger still when you consider I'm not an action film kind of gal and I'm more likely to overthink than to enjoy them. So, of course I sat through the 3 hours thinking far too much about everything. I thought it odd that there are so many advertisements for television shows before the trailers began. I found it odd that so many of the telly adverts were about the same show. I found it odd that all the trailers were for action films. I found it beyond ridiculous that they're nowadays making action films out of everything and was horrified to find that the latest victim of such a conversion was the children's story Hansel and Gretel.

As for the film itself... It was everything I understand a Bond film should be. And it reminded me of why I'd never seen one. Frankly, it's something of a miracle I'd seen any Mission Impossible films and no Bond ones, but I didn't like them either. I'm just not made for action films. I question every explosion. Every death. Every car chase. The Bond films seem to have an added "plus" where 007 plays quite the ladies' man and I hate it because women come out as pretty objects for him to shag while he's doing important work, and they're completely disposable. I didn't appreciate the fact that the bad guy in this film was a foreign man, who was gay, who had dyed his hair blond and had fake teeth. To be fair, I did like Bond's question "what makes you think this is my first time?". I still have issues with the idea of a predatory gay foreign man as the evil mastermind. I suppose you shouldn't expect better from a film I just said uses women like toilet paper.

I thought I had more to say, but I suppose there really wasn't much more to the film. It was far too long for all it was worth. 

I can say I didn't have the same issues aunt A and uncle A had (namely, old age and being annoyed by everything too easily). They complained our seats were too far up (they were good seats, any farther down and we would've been dizzy from having too big a screen in front of us). They complained the film was too loud. They complained there were too many deaths. Cousin S's girlfriend didn't exactly help pointing out this was one of the least violent films. At any rate, aunt A and uncle A just complained too much of cousin S's nice gesture: he tries to get them out of their routine, tries to get them to try new things, tries to entertain them. They're just too used to their ways and too unwilling to enjoy anything else. Like I said: old age. I almost wanted to like the film to counter this, but I couldn't. 

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