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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Of smiles

This is more of a stub, really. 

I received an e-mail from SmTn today. As soon as I finished reading it I realised he was online. I went online and soon enough he started talking to me. I smiled so much, you know? I smiled at the thought of him sending a picture of Arnold Schwarzeneger (which would have fitted my talk of the gym trainer if it had gotten that far). I smiled at his mention of American Beauty, because I'd thought of watching it over the last few weeks and forgotten to. I smiled at his cooking. I smiled because he'd written me an e-mail, quite plain and simple.

I was chatting with him when mum called to tell me they had people over and wanted to Skype and say hi. I mentioned I was chatting with someone but agreed to go online anyway. We spoke while I chatted and it was soon enough evident that I was having much more fun chatting than I was talking to them. They pointed out I didn't smile at them like I did at the other computer. I smiled when he said I could ask for happy (pot-spiced) meals at the Thai restaurant. I smiled at his mention of maths. I smile at him laughing at me (in a nice way, he points out). I smile because I'm talking to him quite plain and simple.

The thing is that I smile with him like I rarely do at all these days. And that's not something I can smile about.

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