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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Musings and a little ranting

To get the ranting over with first, aunt A. Yes, we're back to this. It never really stopped, I just stopped myself from complaining quite so much. It's just that today she gave me such a condescending, bordering on rude, look when she told me "you have to practise driving, you know" that it upset me enough to be worth writing here. There was the usual pessimism and a way to find something negative about everything, it was her way of telling me things which irked me.

I looked through the blog and I can't find it, so I'll write it down (again, possibly). What? Well, a rather vivid daydream/fantasy of LesMisGuy and EBF talking. Here's how it goes in my head:

They meet at some socially lubricated setting (read: alcohol's involved). EBF recognises him and after talking to him for a bit asks about women. 

 - I want you to do something for me. By show of hands (I'm sure there's no more than 10), tell me how many girls have hit on you. Get rid of the ugly ones. Now, how many of the ones that are left were actually pretty? Uh-huh... Out of those, how many were smart? And I mean of the kind that reads books and can keep an interesting conversation. Ready? How about you tell me how many of those were good cooks? If you don't know then guess. Which of them are mathematicians?

Whenever he got to just the one finger, EBF could exclaim I knew it! At this point LesMisGuy would have a bewildered look on his face. He would be struggling with the idea of how EBF knew all this, as EBF continued:

- How many liked the fact that you're smart and wet their panties thinking of how sexy it is that you read Victor Hugo's books in French and you did well in your thesis?... I bet it's the exact same girl who had no issue saying she thinks Natalie Portman is sexy as fuck. The girl who held no grudges against you when you blew her off with a "maybe some other time" after going out with her and making out with her. Even though she's a hopeless fucking romantic. I don't need to tell you I know her name, do I? Man, if you can afford to blow girls like her off, then you're a fucking god but, you know what? I think you're just an idiot. And it's a shame that after the creeps who've hit on her and the chump boyfriend she had she'd buckle up to hit on you and you'd turn her down like that... I'm telling you... Oh well, what's done is done. Cheers!

Here they'd toast and change the topic of conversation until either of them had to leave.

What a foolish idea, isn't it?

Changing the subject a bit, it's so exciting to know that the première of The Hobbit is just around the corner (a full month from now, but hey, close enough). I've been listening to the soundtrack (which R1 kindly posted on facebook for someone else) and it made me smile.

[8:09pm edit]
Pat in the back me: I sent an e-mail to see if I can get myself a second letter of recommendation. I didn't dare write ThPr another e-mail to tell him I need another one from him, though. Perhaps I'll ask him only after I've found out if there's absolutely not a chance that the one he sent already can be used. 

I'm still not done reading this week's biology chapter and to be honest I've sort of accomplished sod all other than the lab report due in tomorrow, but I've conquered one small fear. Now I need to scan my passport again. This would all be a lot easier if we had a bloody scanner and colour printer in the house (like, say, the one aunt A had). 

For some reason, "Yesterday Once More" by The Carpenters just popped into my head.

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