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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Motion sickness over, on to the review

Quite a lot of reviews lately, eh?

Cousin S and his girlfriend invited us to the cinema today. It was a bistro cinema, where you can order fancy gourmet meals to eat during the previews. It's the idea of a TV dinner taken to a whole new level (and price range). It was nice. I won't even complain about the 3D all that much because it was less bad than I expected and I was only a little tipsy coming out of the theatre. 

As for the film itself... It was... nice... in an "I-don't-want-to-admit-it" kind of way because it was a deliberate tear jerker and I don't appreciate such conniving intentions in a film. The story was fairly good, the acting was good, the making felt a little overdone. Gérard Depardieu's brief appearance was rather disappointing. 

What is there to say...? I wish the film had left me with a lot to think about but it didn't. I wish there were a strong underlying message to the whole thing, but beyond "there's a God, chill" I can't seem to find one. Was it enjoyable? Sure. Would I watch it again? Not very enthusiastically. In fact, I'd rather not. I don't feel that the film has more to offer. Perhaps the book would, with better descriptions of the animals or the struggles... I don't know. I'm not particularly moved to read the book either.

On a somewhat surprising note, Les Misérables is coming out. I didn't know it's a musical. I didn't know Hugh Jackman was in it (the idea of Hugh Jackman in a musical is exciting since I saw his performance at the Tony awards (?)). The preview made me teary eyed. I hated the thought of watching anything related before I got a chance to read the book but... I sort of already watched most of the film starring Liam Neeson and this one's a musical and... it felt exciting. I want to watch it. I'll read the book later. 

Review over. I'm pretty much out of words.

Oh. I might as well tell you: the film we watched is Life of Pi.

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