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Thursday, 15 November 2012

I'm like a bird

If you're anything like me you'll go back to re-read that title as if it were being sung by Nelly Furtado. 

Are you back yet? Here's were the real post starts.

Well, hardly. I mean, I probably should be more like a one if I could. As odd as it sounded at first, SmTn's advice was spot on. When I told him of my worries regarding everything he told me to imagine I was a bird looking down on everything. From such a distance, all the troubles I over-worry about gain perspective and shrink. These are the thoughts that came to mind when I received an e-mail from the teaching practice professor saying she'll gladly write a recommendation letter for me. *Elmo yay* 

Oh, I could use talking to SmTn... I meant to write him an e-mail and decided against it last night opting to study for biology instead. I'm still not done reading this week's chapter which puts me quite far behind schedule for everything due in today. I suppose I could have done more if I hadn't stopped reading to watch Rattatouille but how could I not watch it? *sigh* All will be well if it ends well, right?

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