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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Good news

Two sorts of news, really.

On the one hand, we have the political news where Obama was re-elected. Can't say I care an awful lot about it in particular. However, I think it's worth celebrating that while he was being elected people voted for other issues and we have three small victories to celebrate: three states have now legalized gay marriage. It makes my heart smile.

In the "no news would be good news" front we have aunt A's arguments with uncle A about voicemail messages. I thought that was over with, but today she apparently called telling him to call her. I can only assume she did call him telling her to call her because he's arriving today and it would only make sense to talk to him to arrange the pick-up, right? I can only assume he's exaggerating when he says the "call me" message was of an urgent nature and he's overreacting getting all worked up about it. Aunt A, in the meantime, is convinced that uncle A is getting calls from another woman and is stupid enough to confuse the voices of the two. 

What am I supposed to tell aunt A when she comes to me with these stories? If I suggest she's quite absentminded she'll be upset with me. I can't go into the shaky territory of agreeing with her uncle A is having an affair because I know nothing of such matters and it's really not. my. place. So, what does a reasonable person do? Pray tell me. For now, it's all I can do to avoid being with the two of them when the shit hits the fan.

In the "good news first, bad news later" department we have everything university related. I'm still behind on everything. I haven't finished the second application nor ordered an extra copy of my test scores. I haven't asked for the recommendation letters nor translated my résumé. I haven't even properly postponed my first (now useless) application. The thought of any of those is frankly quite terrifying. I think of doing it, and then chicken out and put it off "until I'm done reading this week's chapter for biology." And I'm nowhere near done with that either because I pause to check for anything new on the web so I can stave off responsibility.

For all my 1950s housewife mannerisms, I'm a terrible adult. Terrible.

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