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Friday, 30 November 2012


So... cleaning lady was here yesterday and... well, she really didn't clean much. Microwave oven was still dirty after someone re-heated pasta with tuna and tomato sauce days ago. Blergh. Plus, the horrible tofurkey sausages uncle A eats, which have a peculiar smell of their own that seeps into the microwave's walls no matter how much I scrub or what I scrub it with. This morning, I woke up after a long night's sleep (I fell asleep rather early last night while aunt A and her friends played cards). First thing, I thought I'd make myself some breakfast. I though't I'd heat some of it in the microwave oven and was greeted by the dirt in it. The only thing left to do was to clean it. Might as well do it now, because it would otherwise go on being dirty until whichever other time I chose to clean it.

Aunt A walked in on me cleaning the microwave oven to ask about a slipper.

Here one might make a small parenthesis to wonder if aunt A took my cleaning as an insult to her housekeeping skills. All I have to say to that is that I don't have to eat anything that went into a filthy microwave oven if I have an alternative and rather than be mad at me she could at least not fucking put food in it without the cover.

She has quite a few of them, you see, and they were all apparently very dirty because she said she'd just washed a few (with the laundry... which didn't include any of my clothes, but we'll come back to that) and one of them was missing. I asked if she'd looked behind the washing and drying machines. She said she had. She started telling me about how the dog must have taken it to munch on. I offered it was unlikely, as she's too large to hide anywhere to munch on the slipper without us noticing her. Besides, I said, in the time I've been here I haven't found her stealing flip flops or slippers to gnaw on, and she would have had easy access to them in my room. Aunt A was outraged that I'd chosen to defend the dog. She prefers to be mad at her and I'm sure she'll yell at her mercilessly first chance she gets to get it out of her system. I know she doesn't like the dog. I know she resents the dog. It's still very unfair to give the dog such treatment. 

Aunt A goes without pouring her any water for days. She cleans the cat's dish, but not the dog's. She treats the dog as a garbage disposal giving her all food in the fridge that's about to go bad "because dogs won't eat anything that can harm them" (bullshit... I don't need to tell you, do I?). In general, she just crosses the line between not caring very much about the dog into downright animal cruelty because the dog should not be subject to such neglect and fits of rage. Both the cat and the dog need training. Aunt A's and uncle A's failure as trainers and petkeepers does not entitle them to yell at them and be furious when they find they've misbehaved. To be honest, I've seen the cat be  naughtier, scratching on furniture and littering out of the box, and she doesn't get such a bad reaction from aunt A. To the point, it's their fault they misbehave and if years of looking after dogs and cats haven't taught them good training skills they lose all right to yell at them, as I see it. 

I offer an alternative hiding place for the missing slipper: the drying machine. It wouldn't be the first time something slips aunt A's mind and it would only be a little poetic if it were a slipper that did. It bothers me that she jumps to blaming people when she knows full well it could have been her fault it's misplaced. I won't go to check until I go do my laundry.

And why should I go do my laundry? Well... because aunt A decided to leave mine out. You see the day before yesterday we went out with aunt B who bought some fabric softener. I decided to get some too so I could try to wash a rayon dress mum said I could try to wash at home (to avoid the dry clean bill that cost 10 times what aunt A thought it would). I explained that's what it was for. But aunt A decided it meant I wanted to put softener in my laundry and I'd have to do it on my own because softener gives you cancer/has chemicals (which must be about the same thing in her mind). When she asked me where the softener goes in the washing machine and I explained, I said (again) that I only intended to use the softener for the one dress. She called me silly. She called me silly! Like she'd gone ahead and done the laundry without including mine because I'd told her to! Even now, she's doing the laundry without asking if there's something I'd like to wash (like she hasn't noticed the pile of dirty laundry overflowing the basket). 

I'll venture a guess: she didn't want to do mine and jumped at the first excuse she could think of/misconstrue. I'll do my laundry later. Most likely tomorrow afternoon when she's away. Tonight, I'm afraid, aunt A is hosting a game and I can't clean as I'd like. If anything, I'll give the fridge a clean when we get back from the gym. If we go to the gym. She's fuming right now, slamming on every door she uses. Let her be mad. I'm doing nothing to appease her if she's being horrible. 

That leaves the subject of how on Earth I'm going to clean everything I want for AOB's arrival. I want to vacuum his room thoroughly and mop with a mop that's clean. Aunt A mopped the kitchen yesterday to lift a sticky spot and I think aunt B and I thought the same thing: "You're cleaning with that? I'm sure you're only making the floor dirtier." Tells you something about the cleaning skills of the lady who came here yesterday. I don't know which one it was, there's two of them, but they're neither very good. 

See? Aunt A is  now yelling at the dog. For barking. Didn't take long.

At any rate... I need a weekend to my own devices, to clean the house, to do my laundry, to give the dog a bath, to clean the fridge, to try and think of a way to clean the fire hazard looming over the stove, to organise the room AOB will be staying in. I'm not sure it can be done and it bothers me.

Among other things bothering me? Being broke. Aunt B was telling these stories about how her children always find ways to make money and get scholarships and move on in life. I commend them. It's not who I am. I'm far from being useless but I'm just not good at making money. I took offence when aunt B said that the soul of a teacher was something reproachable and something her son had to get over with because she didn't want her son growing up poor. I took offence at the implied "Why aren't you making any money?". Well, because I'm not getting paid to do the things that keep me busy. I don't get paid to clean the fridge. I don't get paid when I do the laundry. I don't get paid when I give the dog a bath. I don't get paid when I wash the dishes. I don't get paid for cooking. I don't  get paid when I clean the microwave oven (because it's as if I never did). 

The old man offered to send me an early Christmas present in the form of putting some money into  my account and I told him not to because I don't want him using up money he could need.

I couldn't ask for an allowance here, though uncle A mentioned I should be getting one. I don't dare ask for money to go out with friends (well, to go out with the one friend when he gets here... I don't know how we would have sorted this out earlier). Once when I went to an amusement park with BCM, aunt A said she'd pay for half of the ticket and BCM would pay for the other half. She gave me a little money to spend in the  park, too. She never paid BCM (from what I can gather). I ended up using the money she gave me in something else because BCM wouldn't take it. As it stands, I almost feel like aunt A will include even the groceries I've eaten into a bill I'll be charged with as soon as I make money. 

I'm afraid I'll have to take money out of the wallet where I keep what I owe BCN just to pay MrInteresting the money he lent me yesterday. It's not much, and it was spent on school supplies, but it falls on me to pay it back (if he lets me) and I've heard no offers. I haven't heard of any offers besides transportation to go out with AOB either. Aunt A offered I could take AOB to the fancy restaurant/cinema place but it's bloody expensive and I can't afford it. 

I would tell you about how social skills saved the day in the form of MrInteresting helping me pay for the lab goggles right before the chemistry lab final exam... but I don't feel like it. At the moment, I only feel like cleaning and even that will have to wait. For now I'll just change into gym clothes. Just in case aunt A decides to go later.

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