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Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Very unproductive day today. I could have rested for a bit when I got back from school but I didn't. I could have read for a bit while I was awake, but I didn't. I could have sent a few important e-mails and I didn't. I didn't even write back to the old man to thank him for putting some money into my account. 

I made guacamole, cooked mushrooms and baked a bread pudding. That's it.

Last night I was up until maybe 2am studying for today's chemistry test. This morning I felt half-bad not talking to MrInteresting at all and chitchatted with him a bit before running to the classroom I had the chemistry exam in. I've been quite out of it lately. I'm not sure where my head is at exactly.

I know one thing, though. I'm, er... thinking of LesMisGuy. It occurred to me this morning that if we'd been together we might have stayed friends and I could have told him about the mishap in the biology lab and he would have chuckled and found it endearing. I've told no one about it and it occurred to me that I'd tell him, if I were to tell anyone at all. While I was doing nothing in particular, nothing productive in the first place, I... looked up episodes of New Girl. There was just the one. Nick got a girlfriend for it. I... I... er... well... Oh, he just reminds me of LesMisGuy so much. I deliberately made things worse on myself.

So, I know who my head runs to, often enough. Runs into, might be a more precise way to phrase it. Smashes into, splatters onto and finds it so hard to gather itself back up from.

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