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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Another type of procrastination

Today's biology lab was cancelled. It was the last lab of the semester and the only class I had to attend today. It means that I essentially had the day off. 

I'll leave ranting about aunt A's complaints of the gym trainer for another time. Right now I want to focus on why I managed to get sod all accomplished today.

I didn't fall asleep. I spent a considerable amount of time browsing through make-up online. That's a very guilty plea, considering I bought a nude lipstick this weekend. It was sheer, and I'm still in love with the shade of another one not available here so I'm obsessed with the closest match I've been able to find. It doesn't help to know they're so cheap, too. I just might fetch it next chance I get to walk by a make-up aisle.

All right, what about the rest of my day? Did I read articles all afternoon? No. There weren't many interesting-looking ones and one of was just appalling (products marketed for men which are really meant for women? I thought the website was above such bigotry). Did I read comics? No. I haven't even looked at today's cyanide and happiness comic. Did I do work around the house? Again, no. I considered it, but decided against it. Aunt A was doing the laundry and separated clothes a bit differently, so I didn't dare disrupt whatever new order she came up with beyond putting some clothes in the dryer. I did the dishes after dinner, for whatever that's worth. 

I didn't even sit down for dinner with aunt A and uncle A. I didn't help much with LC4. I didn't venture out of the room. 

Want to know what I was up to? CtW went online. She told me she had a logic homework/exam due in tomorrow that she hadn't even started. 9 problems total. I offered to help, see what I could remember. I can't say I was a lot of help, but help I did. Granted, she probably had to work a bit more on my solutions, but I'm quite confident I managed to solve 3 problems. While it was a nice thing to do for CtW and I owe her for having her boyfriend deliver a gift for SmTn, that's not quite why I did it. I was obsessed with maths. I wanted to work out a maths problem. I wanted to be able to do it. The fact that the stress wasn't on me worked wonders for my enthusiasm.

I'm now determined to continue happy mathsy thoughts. Through ViHart, helping CtW out with homework, the lovely SmTn or ideas of my own. It's exciting that when I told SmTn of a problem I've been toying with lately, placing n equidistant points on a sphere, he thought it was a nice problem. It's nice that when he told me of an idea he's toying with, namely going back in time, it reminded me of a not-so-silly-now-is-it? idea I had a long time ago. You see, he wants to figure out initial configurations of energy given a distribution at a given time. It's an interesting problem because whatever the configurations, thermodynamics principles state that they'll all lead to about the same end result. It's the equivalent of wanting to figure out where exactly you first placed a bag of tea in a cup of brewed, uniform, tea. My childish idea had to do with being able to read the wind and re-trace its trajectory to figure out past events. I usually thought of it as a wind film of the past. You could even hear dinosaurs with my made up technology. It's an entertaining thought. I'll keep going back to it.

In an unrelated, but rather exciting, note, I've been admitted in university for next semester. The nature of my studies there leave something to be desired, but I'm sure it will be a lovely change. While the community college wasn't such a horrid place in itself, you have to admit it's a bit too creepy with it being such a small place and all. 

In unrelated, not so exciting, news I haven't heard back from AOB. I worry he's not actually coming anymore. I worry he might still be coming. I don't know what we'r going to do when he gets here. I don't know what I'm going to do if he doesn't come. Logistics are a bitch.

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