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Sunday, 11 November 2012

A bad idea

A started telling me last night about how she'd met with a girl from school1. I might have mentioned her here before but I can't find her name if I ever gave her one. She can remain nameless, I don't suppose it will matter much.

This girl is really something. A said she was hysterical but I beg to differ. She never quite was. She always did what she could to get some attention, but she never seemed to make an awful great use of what she had and instead strived to get what she wanted. Can't judge her for it. I will point out it makes her rather awkward. If I do say so myself.

So, A thinks it's hilarious that this girl would go out partying one night, end up snogging a lad and then cut him short telling him she didn't want to blue ball him. A added that as she sees it men are always left a little thirsty for more and it seemed like such an honest thing to do on this girl's behalf. Me? I was stuck wondering how nice a thing it would be. Would I stop a man and tell him I didn't want to blue ball him? I stopped LesMisGuy, though I said nothing, and then asked EBF because I was terrified of the thought of having blue balled him. EBF said it was unlikely I had, that it was fine. That's what I opted to believe because it's frankly easier to go ahead and believe that's one thing I didn't do wrong. Of course, after CtThumbe mentioning him I'm a bit prone to thinking of LesMisGuy a bit too much and this is my way of beating myself up about it again. Did I blue ball him? Is that why I never heard back from him?

I may have guiltily indulged in wondering what it would have been like if I hadn't stopped LesMisGuy. I fantasised about seeing him again, kissing him again... It's as bad an idea as A thinking she can be friends with this girl. That friendship is doomed. They're both too much trouble to reasonably help each other out.

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