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Monday, 22 October 2012


I probably shouldn't have asked. I went on Facebook to notify EBF of my possibly massive misunderstanding about MrInteresting having a wife and wanted a bit of a break from studying biology so I left N1 a message, hopping she'd answer. Instead I had A greet me. And that's problematic.

You see, I've been checking the newsfeed often enough to know she's been out with people who make her miserable (read: Dg) and I don't want to hear about it because all that goes through my head is a sassy black woman with her most judgmental "Uh-huh" and I can't say that to A. Not out loud.

I feel like I have to congratulate her for getting along with her "friends" and I can't help but suspect she'll start talking shit any time soon to contradict me. If it doesn't happen now, she'll tell me she went out with them again in the future and she was miserable. Because that's how it goes. She's like that now.

Let's throw in another Uh-huh for aunt A because she was getting on my nerves yesterday night when we cooked lentils with a method different from whichever one she's been using forever. Someone please make her understand that there are often many ways to do the same thing and unless she can back her claims for "her way being the best" with facts she should STFU about how I'm going to make the pressure cooker explode.

Forgot to post this yesterday. I figure the title's still good for what I want to write today.

I was early for class, so I sat outside, as usual. MrInteresting joined me for a while and we chatted before the class started. In some particular order, I gathered the following:

1) He considered becoming a theoretical physicist before deciding he understands nothing without proper maths and he can't do maths properly.

2) He's fucking insane.

3) The reason he's travelled a lot is because he works snatching children back from parents who violate custody agreements, which is supposed to be something of a legal grey area.

I would have kept that last bit out of the blog, if only for privacy's sake because it's the sort of thing you wouldn't exactly advertise, but you'll see why I posted it anyway.

He mentioned his operation had been covered in a magazine and I remembered the magazine's name, so I looked it up. What do you know? There is such a thing. There's a man by his name doing exactly what he recounted, except that the man is very likely his father (by the looks of him) and the information provided online doesn't quite add up with what he told me. It gets a lot worse very quickly: they're both probably con artists. 

And that's where I go back to 
4) He's fucking insane.

MrInteresting indeed.

[10pm edit]
Come on, now! I left EBF an update with the above information two hours ago. Facebook kindly lets me know he read my message long ago, but he didn't show online until now. And I still get nothing? Doesn't that merit at least one "WTF?"?!

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