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Thursday, 11 October 2012

This could wait... but I couldn't

It feels more pressing than the today's deadline for the biology assignments. I failed to mention how pretty much everything in aunt MT's bags was for me, sent by my parents. I failed to mention that they made sure to send my soma cube, the nice automatic mechanical pencils I like, and even a square grid notebook I told them they didn't have to buy. To further prove that the gifts came from the future, my folks actually included a pack of birth control pills. Aunt MT brought lots of potato and plantain chips, candy and chocolate. She even ordered fresh pastries of the ones she knows I love. Somewhat more importantly, my old man bought two small bottles of Coca-Cola (made with real sugar cane sugar and not the high fructose corn crap they put in sodas here). Silly as it may sound, I almost teared up writing that. Silly as it sounds, it was true delicious happiness (if that's really what Coca-Cola is called in Mandarin). 

Big thanks to them. Massive thanks to them. Universe-size thanks to them. Bless them.

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