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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Of more niceness and not-so-niceness

After a brief re-telling of the Coffee Mate incidents BCN left me a brand new container as a parting gift today. Even though he's also something of a health nut, just not the crazy converting do as I say kind. Big thanks to him, it was a lovely gesture.

On the other hand of the spectrum you have aunt A who asked if I'd like to come with everyone to the mall. Aunt MT is going shopping and they'll be taking care of LC4. I would normally have chosen to stay behind and do nothing, but if I chose that I would have been left without lunch, because they're all having lunch together at the mall. The alternative would be to stay here and go out for lunch with uncle A and I'm not sure I want to be left alone with him and food. Bleargh. When she scheduled her hairdresser's appointment for Friday she didn't ask if I needed to cut my hair. As she left with aunt MT, it was aunt MT who asked how my hair loss was going and remarked she's heard trimming your hair can help a bunch. Anticipating aunt A wasn't going to offer I just said mine is falling off from the root without mentioning that the actual cause for the hairloss is most likely stress, which I wouldn't stress in front of aunt A.

Later, BCM asked if I'd been to cut my hair yet. She was thinking of going to cut her hair and asked if I wanted to cut mine too. I thought it would be too much (I don't know how much it costs, but I'm assuming it must be a pretty penny) so I politely declined explaining I only cut my hair twice a year and I'll just wait it out until December. And this is only worth mentioning because even uncle A has pointed out aunt A should take me to the hair salon. 

Random note: Aunt MT sounded sad when she said goodbye to her granddaughter, hugging her and saying "I love you so much." Made me teary-eyed. Makes me teary-eyed.

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