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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nothing to report

CtThumbe suggests I might have misheard MrInteresting. I'll continue to stand my ground. Our statistics instructor made a mistake again today but wouldn't understand it when I pointed it out. Nothing there to report. When I got out of class I stayed behind, deliberately, because I really wanted to pee and I wasn't going to be able to do it if MrInteresting held me back. We can talk on Thursday. Maybe. Nothing to report there either.

My mind's been wandering into the land of fantasies again. Into the fantasy of EBF talking to LesMisGuy again. You know how it goes: EBF tells him I was right when I thought we would have been perfect for each other and LesMisGuy comes out a fool for not seeing it earlier.

I've also been wondering if I shouldn't have tried one last time. If I wouldn't, perhaps, have been able to go out with him and have a lovely time that could lead to many more dates. I try to talk myself into realising that he should have at least tried talking to me. I tell myself I'm being silly quoting situations that don't quite apply. I'm not crazy for thinking he gave up on me when he suddenly broke out of the pattern: I'm not crazy for thinking his silence and lack of initiative meant he gave up. If he'd been only briefly breaking the pattern he would have spoken with me again. Something would have happened. It didn't. Nothing to report.

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