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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mood killer

Call me whatever you want, but I'm not too keen on my parents calling on Skype and wanting to speak to all of us (read: anyone other than me). It means aunt A will be yelling, they'll ask to be able to see me on camera (which is massively annoying because there's no comfortable way to sit in front of the computer in aunt A's room anywhere other than on her chair), and aunt A will be participating in the conversation. This means she'll every so often make bad jokes ("did you miss your dead dog so much you asked to borrow one?" at the dog my mum agreed to dogsit for an acquaintance of hers) and as often as she can she'll turn any subject into a depressing one ("they have a dog, we have a dog, ours seems to be suffering of arthritis through faults that are not at all my own though I let her drink water out of the pool if it means I don't ever have to pour water in her bowl and let her eat whatever I don't feel like eating, whatever's on her bowl even if it's rotten because I can't be bothered to wash it, ever... she's arthritic like our dead dog, who was miserable in his last days"... probably said in fewer words). So, yes, I put on a sour face. Yes, I was very annoyed at being called to her room to take the bloody call. Yes, it was a little rude on my part to try so hard not to even chuckle at the actually funny remarks. I just wanted out of there.

Mum  made a face letting on she would have asked but didn't dare: "wasn't linaThumbe going away this weekend with her cousins?". I know I won't ask. I hinted at her to say nothing in my last e-mail. Same went for my sister when she asked the same. 

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