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Monday, 29 October 2012

Long night

I slept quite a bit last night. Went to bed relatively early. Woke up at about the same time as usual (9:30am). I didn't write this sooner so I've already forgotten a fair bit. I had a dream last night where I went out on a sort of blind date with a man who was a bit older than me. He didn't go on his own, he brought his brother along. I thought it was weird, but when the conversation didn't quite flow naturally I was glad his brother helped ease the conversation. As for a physical description, tall, rather thin, longish curly black hair. Not particularly handsome, or interesting. In another dream I was at my hairdresser's from back home and I asked him if my eyes are hazel or green. He said they were green. Somehow that's supposed to be important enough to dream about. It was an all-round odd dream to have.

On other news, aunt A made a fuss about aunt MT being willing to do a favour for an acquaintance. The favour? Carrying a wrist watch. No, really. That's it. You'd think someone had asked aunt MT to smuggle drugs from the fit she threw. Goodness!

It gets better. Of course it does. Aunt A's in a foul mood today, wanting to be mad at everything and anything. When we were out shopping I got the old man a shirt to play tennis in, as my sister suggested. It was more expensive than aunt A would approve of, so I wasn't about to buy it with her looking at me. I did want someone's opinion on whether to get the dark blue one or a white one. I lost sight of aunt A and aunt MT in the shop. I first found aunt A sitting outside, I turned around and found aunt MT walking my way and I asked her for her opinion. It just happened that way. In retrospect, it made the most sense to ask aunt MT: she's seen the old man more than aunt A, has a better idea of what he'd wear and wouldn't judge me on the price tag. Aunt MT later told me aunt A was upset because I didn't ask her, as if I were picking sides between the two of them. And while, yes, I find aunt MT far more agreeable and easier to be around, I wouldn't deliberately try to exclude either from a conversation. I can see how rude that would be. 

If that's where we're going, I have better reasons to think she's deliberately mean to me. Today, for instance she would have gone out with aunt MT and bought lunch out leaving me to fix myself lunch. Is that not a very un-nice gesture? Is that not an un-nice gesture like buying things for herself without offering others or offering things she won't live up to? Is that not as un-nice as dirtying what I clean? Is it not even less nice when you consider that I clean around the house without being asked and without being properly thanked? Granted, I do it more for myself and my growing obsession with cleanliness... the fact remains that it's a nice thing to do, cleaning up for others, cooking for others, and if I were as horrible as she seems to think I am I certainly wouldn't do it, now would I? So where does she come from when she's mean as if I deserved it?

Aunt MT later bought a shirt for mum that cost more than aunt A would spend on a gift and got a "lecture" on it too. What does aunt A care how much aunt MT or I spend on gifts if it's not her money? Why is she so stingy when she has the most money to spend? 

Oh, but that was nothing. When we got back all hell broke lose because aunt A couldn't contact BCM to ask if she should go pick up LC4 from school or not. Admittedly, BCM could have and should have answered. She could have also called earlier to let aunt A know that there was no need to pick him up because he hadn't even been to school. Aunt A came into my room to ask if BCM had called. She had, and I hadn't noticed. I must have been in the kitchen when he did and my cellphone hardly ever gets used so I wouldn't have checked to see the lost call unless she'd told me. Aunt A said she'd (finally) spoken with BCM and that BCM said she'd been calling everyone numerous times. She'd only called me once. Aunt A may have been exaggerating.

Aunt A told me BCM had supposedly told us all that LC4 wasn't going to school today. I had no idea. I don't know (I can't know) if BCM told aunt MT and aunt A about it when I wasn't around. Even if she did, it's sort of on BCM because aunt A can't be relied on to remember such things if they break her "pattern." I don't know why aunt A lingered here telling me about it. Did she want me to get upset and throw a fit about how outrageous it was? It was not nice on BCM's part. Aunt A made it worse being unwilling to take her calls after that. I thought of intervening with a text message and opted for staying out of it. Let Ronso deal with Ronso problems. Tomorrow? It won't be a pretty picture. 

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