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Friday, 12 October 2012

If you can't kill the dinosaurs run the hell away from them

Sounds like reasonable advice for time-travellers doesn't it? How could you kill a dinosaur? Hadn't you better run away from them? Preferably back to the future?

Well, leaving aunt A and uncle A no longer sounds so outrageous and it's not just that I'd rather run away from my college application problems than have to live with the consequences. I've slowly come to the conclusion that aunt A is a crazy, selfish, mean old lady. You would think she'd become more bearable around aunt MT but what I've found is that she's even more horrible in comparison. Aunt MT is nice, considerate, easy going, tolerant and not nearly as prone to break into furious fits. Aunt MT rarely judges, she can accept being wrong and changing her mind, she doesn't pick fights, she doesn't always think the worst of everything. Aunt MT is a saint. 

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