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Monday, 15 October 2012

Ideas are born almost alive

Don't remember much of my dreams from last night except for that quote there. I heard it from my Russian literature professor, in a dream class. The quote was supposed to mean something like "it takes almost nothing to set an idea in motion." I remember writing it down in my dream because I liked it so and I'm writing it down again in waking life because I still like it so.

I wanted to send it to EBF but changed my mind. I thought of sending it to AOB but hesitated. It seemed, when he told me he might come, that he was gauging my reaction. I was very excited and deliberately held myself back from letting it on, giving him little more than a somewhat generic *Elmo yay*. In the back of my mind it means a bit too much for him to be willing to make such a detour just to come see me and I don't want to encourage him unjustly. Since I toned down the excitement, there's a chance he'll ultimately decide against it and he'll be justified if I'm right in all my convoluted thinking.

That is not all but I should be getting ready to leave.

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